Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gift Guide - Alecia Stevens

The word on the street was that Sarah's sister's new house was amazing - not new house cookie cutter gorgeous, but cool, eclectic, World of Interiors phenomonal....  I was intrigued...who did she work with? Alecia Stevens, interior designer, writer, stylist...I googled and came across her lovely blog ...and finally got a glimpse of the house...let's just say I have a new design crush.  Her interiors and writing share the same organic, personal, lived in feel.  Here's her holiday wishlist and I'm adding working with her someday to mine!

Something you want...
A classic Coach bag from the 1970's.

Something you need.....Well, honestly, nothing. But, if I did it would be more time with Lee and more time to write.

Something to wear....

This is just dreaming, right? I saw a Chanel dark red lace dress this past week that made me weak in the knees.

Something to read.....

Hands down ...."Lit" by Mary Karr - her latest memoir.

I'm having so much fun gathering these gift guides - For more on Alecia check out her blog - musings on travel, food, design, fashion and splitting her time between NYC and MPLS - and stayed tuned for more gift guides from Les Nouvelles, Totokaelo, Nonchalant Mom, frolic, Momculture and more...

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