Friday, November 13, 2009

Party Girl - Hair

My Husband and I have an event to go to tonight and since I'll have about 5 minutes to throw myself together I'll be relying on my updo repetoire to hide my mussed hair.  (If I had my druthers I'd be headed to see Jon Dagg at sudz 612-377-3010 for a super sexy blowout but that's not happening!).  Here are my 3 basics for when time and dirty unwashed hair are getting you down:

The Bardot:  Great for us girls with bangs - simply backcomb the hell out the crown of your head with a fine tooth comb and either toss up the sides with a few bobbypins or throw it into a ponytail (for a picture tutorial click here)

The Messy Bun: Pull your hair into a ponytail, twist, twist, twist and throw in some bobbypins...the messier the can also backcomb and throw a cute bejeweled headband over it - very festive! Picture by Anna Wolf via Cup of Jo who has some great instructions here.

The Fraulein:  This one takes some nimble fingers but if you can french braid your own hair it's pretty easy.  Part your hair on the side and french braid across the top and down until you have a braid on both sides. Secure the ends with an elastic, crisscross them at the bottom and pop in some pins

PS - I'm headed to the Blooming in Uganda Gala at the Weisman, tickets are available at the door and it 's such a good cause...can't make it? You can donate here or buy a tshirt!

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