Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Matta Scarf Giveaway!!

Welcome to Pretty Mommy's first giveaway!! Up for grabs are not one but 2 Matta Jumpa scarves!!  100% Cotton with a gorgeous ombre effect trimmed in crochet pom poms.  Each has a retail value of $108!  How can I win one of these lovelies you ask?? Well, simple leave a comment below...let me know your thoughts - do you love Pretty Mommy, hate it (be nice!), what would you like to see more of? less of?  Contest will end Wed Nov 11th at midnight and I'll annouce the winner in Thursday's post. 
**Shameless Marketing - How can you increase your chances of winning??**
1) Leave a comment - counts for 1 entry
2) join our facebook page - counts for one entry
3) Do you have a blog?  add us to your blog roll (let us know) - counts for 5 entries!!
4) send a friend to comment (make sure they give you credit) - counts for 2 entries

Good Luck!

ps - Today is the last day to save 25% off using code fall25 at Pretty Mommy !!


  1. I am a newer reader to your blog, a few weeks, and really like it. Love the focus on self care and looking good while amidst the mommy chaos. Thanks!

  2. Love your page. I have a 14month old and am trying to find that balance between being "mommy" and "Stacey". Your style is exactly what I like :)

    I am a fan of yours on facebook!

    You are on my Blog List!


  3. Although I am not a mom, I certainly am a fan of your blog. I think the layout is clean, the content is fresh and it is obvious that you put effort into it. I love updates, my favorite blogs are the ones I can find something new on often. I also like the length of your posts. You have been on my blog roll and I intend to do a post on you soon! I thought you should check out site meter to monitor the traffic on your blog.

  4. what a great scarf! thanks for the contest!

  5. Always love your simple, beautiful finds!

  6. Love this! Thanks for keeping me in touch with everything fabulous!

  7. love pretty mommy, love matta! as i am in the process of becoming a mother i find your blog inspiring and exciting. i feel confident that being a mommy, and remaining "stylish" + "hip", all while lacking on sleep, will be possible because of pretty mommy! keep it coming! (your on the be well beauty blogroll!)

  8. Thanks, Pretty mommy for keeping me stylish and in the know! I am so focused on kid stuff I don't have time to think about me.

  9. Looooooooove pretty mommy service thank you


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