Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Night Surfing

My husband is out reviewing the KISS concert and Lila fell asleep early (big day - first haircut, holiday photo shoot, and a potty chair attempt - whew!) so I'm catching up on all that's out there on the interweb...

My new favorite food blog - Raising Foodies - written by a fellow Texan and mom of 2 young girls...yummy recipes for your whole family.

If you've ever wondered "What should I be doing at home with my kids?" Eensies has your answer.  Two elementary school teachers offer up their combined experience to the benefit of parents everywhere - I'm hooked!

Small Magazine might fill your craving for now defunct Cookie. I especially love the styling by Christine Visneau, of Baby Bean Vintage Daywear - another Texan who happens to make some of the cutest kid's clothes on the planet.

Shhh, I found my new go to gift for all the little girls I know - Sophie & Lili Dolls - you can custom order with their name on the back - too cute!

Also, Don't forget to enter our contest for a free Matta scarf...(check to make sure your comment is there because it is a little confusing - you have to preview it, enter those crazy letters/numbers and then it will post) Ends Wednesday Nov 11th.


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