Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Badaude - Packing for Paris

We are beyond thrilled to have Joanna Walsh, aka Badaude, as our guest blogger today.  Badaude is an illustrator and writer who splits her time between London and Paris.  Her work has appeared internationally in (amongst others) The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Economist, Die Woche, The New York Times, World of Interiors and the Wall Street Journal.  She is currently Paris editor at www.stylebible.com and a contributor to www.ivyparis.com.   Most recently she completed a large scale mural on the wall of the famed Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris!!  (Gorgeous!! - See pics here)  We love her because her witty illustrations and writing are stylish, continental and literary all at the same time! You can get your daily dose at http://www.badaude.typepad.com/

 Packing for Paris – by Badaude

Packing for Paris is an almost impossible equation. How long will I be staying? What will the weather be like? What will I be doing? Successful Paris packing is as much about dreaming as practicality. Only take clothes you imagine yourself wearing as you walk through the Tuilleries, Le Bon Marché department store, Café de Flore (so long as you also remember to take an umbrella...).

Here are my personal essentials of the season.

Pants – See by Chloe, Sweater- A.P.C. , Jacket – Vanessa Bruno, Patent lace-ups with a small heel. – B Store, APC coat , Herve Chapelier Bag, Repettos

Even if you aren't jetting off to Paris we think these are essentials for any stylish closet! xoxo Michelle

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