Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jean Nirvana!!

So, I've been jeanless for the last month or so...I had cut off my favorite pair of Earnest Sewn skinnies into shorts. My two pairs of Current Elliott boyfriend jeans fell apart completely and all my bootcuts looked super outdated.  I hit a local boutique with an enormous jean selection and was told that boyfriend jeans were no more (????)...and since I need skinnies to tuck into boots I dove into the massive pile they pulled for moi.  Let me add, that I am 5'0 tall and a little on the curvy/hippy side so jeans in general are not my friend.  Also, when did all jeans become so freakin' uncomfortable!! I need to be able to break out some ballet moves, roll around the floor and bend over at the playground without showing off my backside.  I took home another pair of Currents (I'm a sucker for their super soft denim) but shimmied them on and the belt loop broke (argh!!!).  Foiled again...Finally, I was attending a little charity shopping event and heard about these great James Twiggy legging jeans but, of course, they were sold out.  Luckily they pulled some from another store, they arrived today and I'm not taking them off...I need them in every wash!!  They are very fitted but have the perfect blend of lycra/denim so they don't look obscene, a medium low rise, super comfy, and my husband came home and said I looked sexy! Love!


  1. Must get these jeans! Where did you find them in Minneapolis? Or, will they be available on Pretty Mommy any time soon!? Oh, and I love your new logo, is it by Caitlin McGauley?

  2. Hey! I got them at Hot Mama (Blooma was having a shopping event there)...and the new logo is Caitlin McGauley - don't you love it! It just arrived yesterday and I'm going to do a little piece on it/her but haven't had a chance yet...


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