Friday, October 21, 2011

Simplify: Bathroom-guest blogger Rebecca

I'm still hanging out in Cali so here's Rebecca weighing in with some thoughts on simplifying...

We have a tiny bathroom with no storage whats so ever.  none. nadda. zilch.  Very tiny and old. There are four of us, so if we are not to be edged out by all the "Cranky Baby Bubble Bath" (I love products that project), simplicity is a necessity.

Simplicity in this case means that we all share a standard set of products. One soap, one shampoo and conditioner, awesome proraso shaving cream for mommy and 1 tube of anti-fungal whateverthehellitis for one husband (*gag*).  Our linens are kept to a minimum: 1 white towel each,  face towel, one standard grey bathmat and 1 adorable baby bath hoodie.  I, of course, have my secret stash of mommy necessities, but they are carefully distributed in such a way as to not appear cluttered (a small sad bin in external linen closet in the hall).

Knickknacks are nowhere to be found. Cutesy trinkets designed to make me look like I just traipsed in fresh from the Provence countryside (presumably to pee) are verboten.  No soap-on-a-rope. No Bathe-Me Elmo. The bathroom is a place where things get done.

The guiding principle is that I should be able to take a fire-hose, and clean out my bathroom if needed, with minimal loss of product.  Given the 3 others I share my bathroom with, that eventuality is a very realistic scenario.
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  1. the worst offender in our bathroom is the hotel or store sample that i always think will come in handy when traveling. we try to keep everything else to a minimum, although there's a bermuda triangle of stuff in a woven basket on the toilet.

    what i'm really struggling to get under control is the kitchen. so much of it is functional, and yet every time we move, it's the one room that i dread packing up.

  2. who is Rebecca??? Love your sense of style and practicality !! I think your a kindred spirit. Do you write anywhere else on the interweb??


  3. loved every bit of this post. it made me laugh out loud and realize i need to go simplify my bathroom. we are moving this weekend. i love a good purge :)


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