Wednesday, October 12, 2011

want/need/wear/watch - Rebecca

Want - Parajumpers Ski jacket 
Need: Parajumpers ski jacket in navy! 

Wear - Hanes for boy's sweatpants (I bought two pairs today!) Really, mommy's can rock the basic sweatpants! 

Watch - a cute little video by Jeana Sohn - very charming!


  1. are you serious about the hanes boys sweats? it sounds too good to be true! clearly based on your shop content you have amazing, i feel like if you say its ok then I need to go buy a pair tmw. so excited, thanks!

  2. totally serious! many designers have sweat items in their collections. stella mccartney, chloe, isabel marant and her second line etoile, alexander wang, etc, etc. the hanes boy sweatshirt in light grey is so much like isabel marants cooper sweatshirt from her fall/winter 2010 line. price? $295. hanes for boys? $10. i own both. the sz, cut and fit are very much the same. xxl in hanes and sz 3 in etoile . the hanes for boys 100% cotton vneck t's are great too.

    p.s. sz xl in the sweatpants in boys would fit 0-2 and xxl 4-6 is my guess.

  3. I've been thinking about this post all week after I read it and I will look for any reason to rock sweats. However I never feel very rockin when I'm wearing them. Any tips for how to style them?

  4. hanes sweatpants are great for boys! i bought for my nephew and he`s really happy to have comfortable sweat pant like hanes!


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