Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Every Day Obsessions {27} Rebecca

In My Closet:

Not very much. Quality over quantity. Understated, sophisticated, elegant, within the constraints of motherhood (which is to say, not very elegant at all).
The basics: MiH and Current Elliot jeans, Isabel Marant linen v-neck T-shirts(white, black and nude)
I do own a bit of Dries van Noten and Isabel Marant/Etoile too and am trying to figure out if Raquel Allegra is worth the price.
When in doubt, buy a coat. Ha!

On my feet:

Fiorentini + Baker boots (eternity suede in grey, black soda ankle and tall black pull-on basic flat riding boot). Isabel Marant Dicker boots in taupe, Sorel Caribou Reserve snow boots, Hunter Wellies tall black, LL Bean duck boots and hubby's holey socks at home.


I don't wear accessories, as it adds another item and weight. I do make some exceptions though: Two Tiffany Metro diamond/platinum wedding bands. They are meant to be stacked, which I mention to my husband when I feel needy. One PS1 medium black handbag.


Beauty Secrets:

Skin: Vanicream bar soap for face, Vanicream Lite lotion for the body, Clarsonic Mia and Dermaquest B5 Serum (I LOVE this product), and Aquaphor for a hand or two, feet, elbows, cuts, scrapes etc. etc. Love this stuff.
Makeup: Larua Mercier tinted moisturizer, Cle de Peau concealer, Dr. Hauschka's lip care stick. I don't wear eye makeup and only rarely wear lipstick.
Hair: Mason Pearson brush and Shu Uemura hair oil. I don't do anything with my hair ever and since the birth of my second baby, I wash my hair 2-3 times a week vs every day.
Scent:Eau du bebe (for now). Seriously, I can't find one I really love and I've tried, from Creed, to Jo Malone. Some day I'll find it. For some insane reason, I feel heavy with perfume on; another thing I don't need at the moment.

In My Kitchen:

Cookbooks: A few. Some Japanese and Korean. Joy of Cooking, Bouchon.
Gadget: Hubby's old set of W├╝sthof Grand Prix knives. Kitchen Aid mixer for baking. Make me an excellent cup of coffee inthe A.M. and I'm good to go.
30 min easy recipe: Bibimbap
Can't live w/o ingredient: Salt


Walls:Photos of family (minus the new baby, who is 8 months old and have yet to order prints!), and lots, lots of my daughter's artwork. Framed all in black.
Bedding:I don't care much about sheet brands. My only must is white sheets and envelope pillow cases. the picture of the bed is what my bed looks like. Room & Board Ella and white sheets.

Flowers:In the vase, I prefer them to be of one kind of flower vs. a mixed bouquet.
Favorite design source: Everywhere.

Pop Culture Extra Credit:

On my nightstand:Jessica Fletcher memorial murder kit. Yes, I watch Murder She Wrote to fall asleep, because doing drugs is bad.
On my Tivo: We killed our cable, and survive on Netflix via AppleTV.
In my iPod: I do like everything from classical to Tupac. I kind of have a loathing for Indigo Girls style music, whatever that might be. Also, I don't listen to my iPod, ever. I feel like I'll fall over if I listen to it while moving.


  1. Love the black handbag!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed by your zen minimalism in your closet, and at the same time envious of all those wonderful things! Great selection, and it totally seems like stuff I would live in. And I have to say, Aquaphor is the best, I use it mostly for lip balm but seriously, nothing beats it. Great list, makes me feel like some sort of voyeur, but without the creepy factor.



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