Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Agenda...

A food truck wedding?? Um, yeah, count me in...(this might be one of the cutest weddings ever - via Alice)
I'd say if the food truck explosion hasn't reached your city count to about 5 and it should happen any minute ...practically every empty lot in Austin has two or three and we finally have a smattering around Minneapolis...I'm dying to try out the Smack Shack for their raved about Lobster Rolls...

tonight I might be ambitious enough to whip up a Lillet-Basil Cocktail and throw some corn on the grill for some delicious elote...

picnics via TKoW and Nikole Herriott via Jora
Saturday calls for an early wake up to get my hands on some strawberries at the brand new Fulton Farmers Market and pick up provisions for a picnic at the Walker's open field...
what are your picnic basket must haves?
or, considering it took me about 24 hrs to finish this post in fits and starts I may just crack a beer, order some takeout and lay in the backyard all weekend...and you?
xoxo, M

PS - we have Clare Vivier Blue laptop clutches back in stock!! only one yellow left AND a few new black bretelles...Enjoy!! plus new jewelry from Erin Considine and sarongs from Upstate arrive next week!!


  1. Oh I know what you mean about a post taking like all night or maybe a couple of days to get done. I dream of an outdoor picnic like that ... preferably in England my a manor home like the one in the picture - ha!

  2. Um, your plans for the weekend sound AMAZING. Sitting around in the backyard with an adult beverage and eating food that someone else prepared sounds about right to me. And if it happened to be a lobster roll I wouldn't complain a bit. Enjoy!

  3. That last image reminds me so intensely of the picnics we used to have in my grandparents' part of Provence when I was little - the wonderful dried meats and fresh cheeses - sweet butter, and the BREAD! heaven.

  4. I thought about you as I was grilling last night. I think it's time to bust out the watermelon and cucumber martinis around here. Care for one?
    Hope your weekend was bliss and you got some rest...

  5. My sister in law owns an amazing vegan food truck in Austin. I only wish that she had it six years ago when we got married.

    Definitely vote for the take out and adult beverages.


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