Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Remember my mom's gift giving mantra for the holidays? Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read...I thought I'd revive it for a weekly feature and maybe have some friends chime in as always I'd love to hear your want/need/wear/read...

via Joy
Want - these amazing churros dipped in chocolate right now! (new mom's should indulge their sweet tooth, right?)

Need - A farmer's market tote that will last longer than one season...
I put my summer bags through the wringer and it would be nice to have a sturdier one to load all my veggies of these from Ace & Jig just might be the ticket...

I super tempted to keep this lovely piece for myself...soft enough to wear with the babe snuggled close, neutral enough to wear with anything...hmmmm

Chnaces are if you have a little girl in your life than you are very familiar with the entire princess lexicon (seriously it must be in their dna to like this stuff!)...unfortunately the disney schtick can get a little mind numbing so I was so happy to find this gorgeously illustrated book by Brigette Barrager...totally charming, we've read it no less than twice a day... to find a mexican lunch with churros for dessert...
xoxo, M


  1. Oh, la, la, I am loving this list. First, I need some of those churros as well. Looks delicious. You totally deserve those, by the way.

    And that princess book looks very refreshing. The Disney version are getting a wee stale around these parts.

  2. Argh, those churros look crazy good! Are you trying to torture me, lady? It's 10:30 at night and I have no chocolate in the house...I'm going to dream about them tonight... ;)

  3. I TOTALLY LOVE this concept...for gifts and for a series! I think I need some of the churros, too! xoxo
    And ps- your work scene below -baby on bed - looks just like mine at the moment!


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