Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Air Conditioning on a Stick...

from top left:  Ice PopsStrawberry Peach Vodka Popsicle - via JoraNeopolitan via JoyChocolate & Salted Caramel Pudding Pops - via KatieFrozen by Katie BaumPaletasBar Gelato - via Kate

 While the rest of Minneapolis is feeling a little wilted my little Texas heart is going pitter patter for the triple digits just doesn't feel like summer to me until I break into a serious sweat, slow my pace to a snail's crawl...and then retreat into ice cold AC of course...( of my favorite feelings ever: walking from an freezing movie theater into oven like temps)...don't worry Minnesotans, the temps are back to the 70's in a day or two but until then I'm feeling inspired to eat lots of cold on a stick, hang out in the shade and feel life shift into summer...
This Paletas book might have to be my next bookshelf addition...and I would love to attempt some of these fancy popsicles...any good recipes in your heatwave file? 
xoxo, M


  1. How funny! While scrolling through the gorgeous photos, I was thinking I'd suggest the Paletas book to you, as it's written by my husband's awesome cousin, but you beat me to it! Enjoy!
    --Lisa, truly wilting here in Austin

  2. I made grapefruit pudding pops a couple weeks ago and then the weather promptly turned to rain. I'm ready for a few months of colorful Popsicles. This is quite the inspirational collection.

  3. Triple digits! Holy moly! Eat as many paletas as you possibly can! That books looks amazing by the way. I've never done anything more advanced than freezing orange juice, but the quickest and easiest and, in my opinion bestest, is frozen grapes. Just toss them (seedless of course) in a bowl and freeze them, and then munch on them like bite-sized sorbet bonbons, or put them in drinks instead of ice cubes.

  4. That book looks wonderful and your post is beautiful. I'm jealous of your hot weather! One of the girls' goals this summer is to have a popsicle/shaved ice stand. Your post will give them great inspiration! Now we just need to figure out the logistics of keeping popsicles super cold in a stand and wait until the weather gets over 72 degrees... ;)

  5. love these photos!! and yes...can't wait for you to feel the heat! SH xx

  6. The only thing I do - for the most part is go to Starbucks...I know BORING right?
    But those cold mocha lattes really hit the spot! I do love those first ice creative! :)))

  7. I totally agree! It's 98 in NYC today (feels like 105). I think I'm the only happy person soaking it all in (while simultaneously soaking my shirt, ugh)

  8. I escaped the "June Gloom" (really, LA?) for Kansas, where it is in the 90s and steamy. I'm all about the Arnold Palmer!

  9. Love this post! Starting making ice pops with my little one last week and he loved it. I usually try to mirror jamba juice/fruit smoothie recipes, but often I just throw together whatever is in my fridge/freezer.

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