Monday, June 6, 2011

Current Crushes

Sunday Mornings at Kingfield Farmer's Market: Indian Spiced mini donuts for Lila at Chef Shack and treats for me from my new fave Bogart Loves (check out Anne's gorgeous blog too!)...Foxy Falafel, fresh local produce, running into good friends, and enjoying the summer sunshine

I've been on a bit of a book buying spree, I spied this at the Walker gift shop and couldn't resist...
and anything Heather recommends is gold - A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life is the perfect antidote to all the minimalist organization house porn I've been od-ing on...

Instagram photo sharing App - I'm completely addicted (thanks to Sarah at Whoorl) - so fun to see what everyone is up to and love that it takes my bad photog skills up a notch

Rumours - an oldie but a goodie, got stuck in my head and now I been playing it and singing Dreams nonstop (much to my 3 year old's chagrin)  Remember "Behind the Music"? Wasn't the Fleetwood Mac one was the best? I'm still not over the Lindsey/Stevie breakup...and I'm fully crushing on their 70's Cali getups here...

Doria Dress - my new summer jam...(okay, yes, I'm only 5 ft tall and had to chop off a good chunk but I'm still loving the maxi - and sleeves! yeah!) really perfect with this chevron belt...

photo - Heidi Swanson
Non lettuce based summery salads - I want to fill my fridge with these and 101 Cookbooks looks like a good place to start...any favorites?? Hmmm...this might make a good recipe exchange??

 sweet vintage goodness for my girls from The Littlest...

Over The Top Brights - I promise I'll stop posting long red skirts once I finally get my hands on one...but until then I'm head over heels for all things eye popping....

and architect Hagy Belzberg's uber deluxe outdoor movie setup, showing my favorite flick, with stunning views of LA via Alice's pinterest (and I'm definitely crushing on all things Alice as well, aren't you??)

whew! I feel a bit lighter now - Happy Monday to all...hope you are enjoying a magical summer so far...
xoxo, M


  1. this skirt [ ] is the greatest; i bought it a size down so that it sits at my waist (instead of on my hips; this way i didn't have to hem it), and have had to ration myself to only wearing it once a week so as to give my other clothes a fighting chance. indulge the obsession, mama.

  2. you write tall...nice to hear you're fun sized!

  3. Oh my! Thanks for the intro to The Littlest. I just snagged the cutest sundress ever for $18!

  4. Lady friend, you are killing me today with this post. First, I cannot buy another dress but now I'm pretty sure I NEED that JCrew number. It's perfect and so easy breezy for summer. Next, I need to take a little nibble of the beautiful baby of yours and finally I really will need to have a nutella donut, now. Oh man, and I too love Fleetwood Mac. Brings me right back to high school when I girlfriends and I would listen to Rumors non stop.

  5. I love a long delicious multi-faceted post! I consider them efficient and essential when I have much on my very tall mind.

  6. I agree with Estelle...I am crushing on this post. First, is that little muffin your new bambino? I could eat her cheeks! Also? I have been wanting that Linda McCartney book since I first heard about it and I am certain you heard about it before me. And I have FOND memories of twirling around in my mom's "crinkly" skirt with the little bells on the waist tie to Rumors. I love Stevie Nicks. Did you see her on Oprah recently? Unbelievable. I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert years ago on their reunion tour and developed a HUGE crush on Lindsay when he took the stage all by himself and sang Big Love acoustic. Seriously. It was hot. HAWT.
    I bought a new maxi dress the other day and when I wore it out I realized it was sheer. I had on nude colored knickers underneath and a camisole and it was my birthday celebration out with my gal pals so I figured...what better way to celebrate 36 than to show off my naughty bits? Ah, well.

  7. I'm adoring everything from this list! (And loving that you are on Instagram, of course.) Tell me, though, how are you rocking the Doria dress? Are you wearing a tank underneath? Looks dangerously lowcut...

  8. Random thoughts: A Perfectly Kept House is the best. It keeps me sane (Although now that the house is on the market, it is a perfectly kept house. Oh the irony.). Baby in Wilco? The best dressed little, ever. Rumors is in overdrive on my iPod, too. It reminds me of summers at my grandparents' cabin in the mountains. And regarding the Daria S+B maxi I got from you might give it some major competition!!

  9. You're on fire with this post lady. I need to read it again (for the *3rd* time).

  10. You are so sweet!! It is entirely mutual my friend. And I am obsessed with every object in your shop!

  11. Love this post...Love your taste! :)

  12. What a lovely post. You do have incredible taste. My current crush is definitely that new pink beaded Dream Collective necklace on your site. I may have to order one of those soon! So glad you are enjoying Bogart Loves. See you soon.

  13. Kale based, yes, but it's sooo delicious. I promise you'll love it!

  14. SO many wonderful things in this post! Love the bright pinks (cocktails with sprinkles on the rim? genius!) and the summery salads idea. Sometimes I feel like if I have to eat another lettuce salad I'm going to choke on it. And that j crew doria dres was one of my picks in my post this morning!

  15. How amazing is that movie projection?? I can totally imagine enjoying it lounging away with those sprinkle rimmed cocktails....


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