Monday, June 13, 2011


Ladies, I'm feeling a little twitchy, faraway lands are calling my name, bags are waiting to be filled with espadrilles & sundresses, passports with empty pages are itching to be stamped...well, you get the picture...
the only border we'll most likely be crossing this summer is the MN-WI driving the endless lake cabin highway...but I have plans...BIG plans...I'm saving my pennies...casting my sights on a far off adventure next summer...where to? thoughts? a house to rent? Italy? Spain? Morocco?

or stay stateside? Visit one of all time favorites - the coast of Maine, don striped shirts, indulge in lobster for EVERY meal? Eat fresh blueberries for breakfast and walk the shorelines in deck shoes?

or hit the southwest? drive to Santa Fe...wear turquoise...feathers in my hair...soak in the baths at 10000 for back through west Texas...spend the weekend at Cibolo Creek Ranch...
So lay it on me - your tippy top favorite places you've been and your top places you want to see...
setting an intention is half the battle, no?

Wherever you're headed I'm pretty sure these two Built by Wendy dresses would make worthy companions...
xoxo, M


  1. You have my Maine adventures to look forward to. We are on the east coast for an event and will be traveling up to the new England area. Wish I could fit into a dresses younshow with a waist. More in maxi dresses for the rest of the summer before baby arrives! Sarah x

  2. Italy sure would be nice.

    But there's always California, ya know ;).

  3. Intentions are so very important indeed. I'm feeling your wanderlust as well and I'm feeling that call of Morracco. The warmth of it just sounds so comforting and completely foreign at the same time and I love the idea of one month somewhere far away. Then I am also craving the ocean/mountain combination. So much to think about here...

  4. I'm trying to make a big trip happen next year, too. Have been daydreaming of Morroco, Santorini, Spain and Buenos Aires...maybe we should compare notes after doing our homework!

  5. I'm moving back to the U.S. from Sweden at the end of this month, so I'll be having an American summer- California and New York. But for my next international trip I'm dying to go someplace I've never been before. My top picks are Tokyo, Argentina, Italy and Namibia.

  6. All the Emerson images are so perfect. And yes am feeling the wonderlust again, we're off to France in a week and a half...last minute plans, can't wait

  7. So with you on this!! Just got my new passport in the mail this week, and immediately started checking fares to Rome and started looking at rental apartments with rooftop terraces!!

    p.s. - 10000 Waves is great, but you would looove Big Sur - they have amazing hot baths at Esalen, on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean!

  8. All of the above sound pretty great. Best place I've been: India. Places I'm dying to go, in the short term: Portland, Big Sur, CA's central coast. Long term: Tokyo, Bali, Vietnam, Spain!

  9. Alice, Not quite rooftop, but we can give you a lead for a great Roman apartment with the most charming landlords (who speak perfect English, of course!) 1 block from the Pantheon. Rome really good. (Work on your Italian! they are not so accommodating.) Florence seems perfection to us...easier with the language barrier - if you can look past the tourists in shorts. Imminently walkable. ( if you want a contact for the Roman apt = we were just there for a month this spring and love to share our favorite spots.) Ciao!


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