Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall Must List - Ashley, Hither & Thither

Fall Must Have: Escape
Have you seen the new Tommy Hilfiger ads? Where he re-imagines the brand as twisted preppy for a make-believe family of Hilfigers (the Tenenbaums meets Gossip Girl)? I'd happily add the corduroy and cable-knit combinations to my closet, but most of all I found myself drawn to the '80s-era cars, like this Wagoneer, piled to the brim with blankets and skis and coolers and baskets. I'd like to pile in with my love and that hound dog and drive up to our favorite fall getaway in the Catskills. Over-packing never looked so good - Ashley , Hither & Thither


  1. My family used to have this exact Grand Wagoneer...what I wouldn't give to have it back! At least I can keep the fun memories... :)

  2. that has always been my dream car. always.

  3. Love this add. Ripped it out of a magazine just the other day.

  4. always admire the wood detailing!


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