Thursday, December 31, 2009

St Germain NYE Cocktail

We're driving that lovely stretch of road between DFW and Austin (read with much sarcasm) so I'm dreaming of having one of these lovely cocktails tonight...

Via St Germain website:

2 PARTS Champagne* or Dry White Wine**
1 ½ PARTS St-Germain
2 PARTS Sparkling Water or Club Soda
METHOD: Stir ingredients in a tall ice-filled Collins glass, mixing completely. Think of Paris circa 1947. Garnish with a lemon twist.
VARIATION: Think of Sarte circa 1947. Be the lemon twist.* Or Sparkling Wine, Prosecco or Cava** Preferably Sauvignon Blanc

these are so yummy and refreshing - if you don't want to splurge on a bottle of St Germain you can sub in elderflower syrup from Ikea...
Happy new Year!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Couple of Things...

I'm still traveling through Texas so I'll be checking in randomly through the 5th but here's a few quick things I'm loving...

Everything at Jak and Jil but especially these...

and this little bit of perfection via the impossible cool...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Y'all

So many things I wanted to show you, tell you, and do but alas too little time - always next year!! We're here in tundraville until the weekend and then off to Texas to see friends and family.  I'm looking forward to some warmer weather, texmex, barbque, stocking up on Central Market Tortillas, taking in the Austin christmas lights, doing some vintage shopping at Feathers and strolling Soco.  What will you be up to?  Austin has a great New Year's Eve Celebration called first night (pefect for the little ones too)  New Year's Eve Austin Hippie Style....  Hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday!! 

Zilker Tree Photo Jay Janner - AAS

Next year I'm keeping this little list in mind:
 (via Blooma Blog)
Be in charge of your holiday season. Don't let other people or advertising medium impose their expectations on you. Keep in touch with your deepest feelings.
• Keep it simple. You arrange the pace and space. (So important for keeping your kids sane, too!)

• If the loss of a loved one, financial troubles, or any serious anxiety surround you this holiday, make the season as simple and as positive as possible for yourself.

Holiday Bill of Rights:

• You have the right to take care of yourself: eat right, exercise, and get enough rest.

• You have the right to mixed emotions: happy, sad, frustrated, guilty, afraid, and thankful.

• You have the right to solitude—for planning, thinking, reflection, introspection, prayer, and relaxation.

• You have the right not to accept party or dinner invitations.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Emy's Art

Most of my favorite people are gals who I worked with in the boutique trenches at some point or another...bonding over our love of fashion, low wages, crazy bosses, and nutty customers created many long lasting friendships.  I was so happy to reconnect with Emy McGraw and rediscover her beautiful artwork...This painting was inspired by Pretty Mommy and we are soooo flattered...Check out more of her things here! xoxo

Monday, December 21, 2009

Letter to New Mamas

We interrupt our regularly scheduled frivolous programming for something a bit more serious and sentimental...

I couldn't sleep this morning. I woke up thinking about my friend Kat who is due to have her first baby in less than a month...was she sleeping okay?...feeling anxious, tired, heavy??  Did she have any idea what she was getting her self into?? She's one of my first pre-baby friends to get pregnant and since she lives in Brooklyn I haven't been able to bombard her with lots of well meaning, unsolicited advice.  I thought back to those first few hours, days, weeks and the flood of emotions is still pretty fresh two plus years later...having a child has been more magical, more fullfilling, more everything than I could have imagined...I think the sun, moon, and starts revolve around Lila and I'm so thankful that she's mine.  It's been strangely freeing - freedom from worrying about the small stuff, freedom to feel love that intensely... but it's also been the most challenging thing that I've undertaken.  Was there any small piece of advice I could pass on...mother to mother, that would make the transition easier...less fraught with uncertainty?  Would telling her that the first 3 months are ridiculously hard help or worry her?  Would she take comfort in knowing that everyone's hormones are crazy postbaby?  that breastfeeding is really difficult at first but that it gets easier so she should persevere?  that her take home from the hospital kit will include maxi-pads size super enormous?  So here's a few pratical things I can remember and I'd love to hear your thoughts...what do wish other parents had told you, what do you remember about those first months?

1) Two things really helped me have a postive birthing experience...prenatal yoga and my doula. Yoga provided me with so many moments of calm during pregnancy and really helped me to connect to what was going on...learning to breathe was so important too...and I think having a doula is almost a necessity especially if you are planning a drug free delivery. I was able to labor at home for a long time, arrived at the hospital fullý dialated and then pushed like a mother (pardon the expression) for 3 hours...whew! But it was all worth it and if I can do it naturally (I'm a huge wuss) so can anyone with a little prep work...a doula also takes a lot of the pressure of your hubby so he can focus on you and not feel stressed about everything else...if you are on a tight budget you can always look for doulas in training who need experience.

2) You will need decidedly unglamorous items when you get home - giant maxi pads, tucks and a sitz'll feel a little silly sitting in the sitz but it really makes things so much better!
stock up on nice pjs too because you'll have lots of visitors but don't really feel like getting dressed either...

3)Take a breastfeeding class - just because it's natural doesn't mean it's easy...a book is great too - I like Dr Sears...and if you plan on doing it don't let any of the nurses or mil's pop a bottle or paci in that newborn's's hard to go back! Also, breast pads are essential because you leak like crazy for the first month or so...yes, I know - glamorous right? Printed tops are helpful for hiding leaks and I lived in nursing tanks (I loved these Glamourmom ones but Target sells them as well) for at least a year...I liked them much better than bras...who wants to show off a cold tummy? Henleys are also a good nursing top as are scarves for covering up in public (maybe this subject needs a whole post?). It definitely gets easier so don't get discouraged...
Also, if you are feeling a little worn out a clean pinky is a good paci alternative til they are 6 weeks...

4) You will be starving when you are nursing!! Much more so than beforehand...stock up your freezer with food and get your friends to sign up to bring you meals...friends of new parents - no visitor should arrive without food! Leave the onesies in the store and pick up some take out instead...

5) Your hormones will be on a huge rollercoaster - it is not inappropriate to cry a lot (I remember blubbering " but I love her so much I don't think I can handle it!!") obviously there is a line between normal and depression so please seek help if you're feeling the latter...

6) Seek out other new doesn't matter if they are complete strangers - I promise you can talk for hours about naps, diapers, nursing, one understands you better right now. If you are in Mpls, Blooma is a godsend - sign up for their mommy and me yoga - but all cities have new moms groups...just google! I was lucky enough to have my next door neighbor, who I adore, have a baby 6 weeks before and she was the lovely person who brought me Tucks and yummy baked goods...a true friend!

7)Babies get really overstimulated and need to sleep every few hours...I found it really helpful to just go lay in a dark room with Lila when she couldn't settle down...just because newborns seem to sleep anywhere doesn't mean they don't need some peace and quiet.

8) Plan a set date night and line up babysitters beforehand...we still struggle with this and it's important to have alone time...I'll just be honest - having a baby is hard on your relationship and it will be a bit of work to keep it healthy those first few years...delegate responsibilities like baths to dad so he doesn't feel left out and you don't feel worn out.

9) Pumping milk sucks! Get a nice pump and start doing it right away when you have lots of milk as opposed to later when your supply is matched up to your babe's appetite. Also make sure your hand pump works if you go away for a day so you aren't sitting in a bathroom stall at Jazz Fest self pumping so your boobs aren't aching - very very glamorous!!

10) A lot of gear is unnecessary and can wait til after the baby arrives...things we hardly ever used: nice Oeuf Crib - never, lovely svan highchair - a few months?, spendy Bugaboo stroller - rarely...every babe is different but we used a sling and bjorn a lot and ended up cosleeping so I wish we had just invested in a bigger bed...

I'm sure I'm forgetting so much more!!! I'd love to hear everyone's comments!

It really is the best thing ever - I can't imagine my life without my Lila so enjoy the ride and just let go of all the small stuff! These first years go by so fast...

Great Gifts for New Parents:
pjs, food, a cleaning service, spa day, babysitting

Update:  Make sure to read the comments!!! So many wise gems from other moms...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gift Guide - Minneapolis Edition Pt 1 - Sarah Longacre

Just a few more gift guides for you last minute shoppers...Next up, a woman who completely transformed many areas of my life - the lovely and divine Miss Sarah Longacre.  Sarah is a doula, yogi and owner of Blooma Yoga Studio.  Not only did she guide me (and many, many others) through an amazing natural childbirth but her yoga studio has provided the twin cities with a haven for mamas and mamas-to-be...I walked into one of her prenatal yoga classes and went from a prissy "give me an epidural asap" expectant mom to a hippie, let's go natural earth mama...after Lila was born I practically lived at Blooma and I can't imagine how lonely my new mom experience would have been without her and all the amazing women I met there... She's also just raised over $20K to go to Uganda in February with Off The Mat into The World (an amazing cause - please check it out!) to build a birthing center. Truly an inspiration!! Here's her wishlist...

Something I want - comfy PJ's from Victory

Something I Need -  gloves that are smart and good looking (I forget that this is something you need in MN)

Something to Wear - A BIG fun and funky bling bling (but cheap) ring

Something to read - Monique and the Mango Rains

Friday, December 18, 2009


I will be pulling out my long forgotten knitting needles in January to make this...

Rockers in Vogue

One of the best layouts I've seen in Vogue in a long time...Styled by the brilliant Grace Coddington and photos by Steven Miesel
Featuring Mika, and members of Vampire Weekend, The Horrors, Chester French and MGMT
January Issue

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Archive Jewelry

We just received a beautiful shipment of Archive jewelry....order now for Christmas delivery!! Gorgeous vintage inspired pieces on brass seen in the January issue of In Style. Great prices - from $32.
Through the end of the month everything in store is at least 30% off and we've marked some items down to 50% off...check it out!!

I'm dreaming of a beach Christmas...

Going somewhere warm for the holidays?? Lucky Girl! Here's a gorgeous Makie dress for your little one - just in at Nonchalant Mom and a super glamorous swimcap for you (via Nonchalantmom's Blog)...xoxo

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I'm listening to...

I'm not generally a fan of the "adult contemporary" genre...not that there's anything wrong with it - just not my cup of tea...but boy, do I love me some Norah Jones...her new CD is full of her smoky vocals, a little more of an edge, and some cool collaborations with favorites like Ryan Adams.  Plus, like any good Texas girl she knows how to make an effort...when I saw her on tour with M Ward she wore a gorgeous, red full skirted vintage dress that had all the boys drooling and all the girls swooning...sigh, one cool chica!

Overnight Socialite

I'll just say it - I like to read fluff...well, intelligent fluff (is that an oxymoron?) and this modern retelling of My Fair Lady by Bridie Clark is right up my alley!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gift Guide - Black Eiffel

If you are still stumped for gift ideas look no further than graphic designer & photographer Rachel Jones' super chic blog Black Eiffel.  Full of the perfect picks for everyone on your list she was also handpicked by Martha Stewart's editors for a gift guide on's no surprise since she constantly showcases the best and most interesting items in design, interiors, fashion, etc.  Check out her wishlist and then head to Black Eiffel and fill in those holes on yours...
Thanks Rachel!! Look forward to more daily doses of inspiration!

Want : Missoni Throw

Need : Marvis Toothpaste - (I'm almost out of toothpaste)

Wear : Stella McCartney Ordfox Boots (look warm for the single digits we've been having lately)

Read: Donna Hay Seasons

The Wild Unknown

I kept seeing this beautiful limited edition calendar all over the blogiverse yesterday so I decided to check out the Wild Unknown's website and found this cool gift for my husband- shhhh! these bookmarks too...