Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Baggu please!

Baggu is one of those companies that hits all the right notes for me...started by 2 women (daughter & mother no less), sustainable, cool, useful...and when they went all bright & leather...a little mind blowing, right?
Shop Baggu here...and more new arrivals here!!
xoxo, M
ps - sorry for the L has been breaking in 4 new teeth in the past two weeks and we are all a bit crazy lately ;)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the fabric of our lives....

Howdy friends! We're headed back from a long jaunt down to my home state and I'm super thrilled that I won't have to ditch my sandals for snowboots when we touch down in seems that spring fever has even come to the frozen north as temps in Minneapolis matched my beloved Austin all week...and lucky for me I have new boxes of warm weather goods to tear into upon my return!
Not to play favorites but if i had my druthers everything would be made out of Ace & Jig's super soft and totally wearable cotton-linen fabric and don't even get me started on their easy, breezy shapes...really my ideal everyday wardrobe...

equally chic & easy are Wren's new dresses & skirts...throw on, layer up, perfect with some espadrilles or fuss...and COTTON! ( do you hear me designers? We all want more cotton...right, girls?)
Okay, gotta catch that plane! Xoxo, M

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Little Spring Inspiration from Annodia

If you've had a chance to peek the new arrivals in the shop lately you've probably noticed an incredibly awesome selection of books...while I'd love to take credit for the great curating job the masterminds behind it are the two lovely girls of Annodia, Meriah & Nancy...and today they are dropping in to share some of their spring inspiration - thanks ladies!

Over here at Annodia we are getting very excited about Spring!  I think Spring is the most exciting season of all because you get to start thinking about all the wonderful ways to spend time outside!  

We are currently planning an outdoor party at our Brooklyn studio on the Gowanus canal. For our inspiration we looked to the wonderful descriptions of Gabrielle Hamilton's parents parties in her delicious memoir, Blood, Bones, and Butter. They were voluptuous affairs, with loads of wonderful food, and plenty of perfectly crafted atmosphere.  The yearly bbq was a simple party for hundreds with spring lambs roasted in a pit, plenty of delicious salads made by Hamilton's French mother, and beer chilled in the creek running through their yard.  Yum.  
Though our party won't have a fire pit dug in the ground, we will definitely be making some recipes from Hamilton's sister, Melissa's incredible quarterly cookbook, Canal House.  Together with her cooking partner, Christopher Hirsheimer, these ladies gather some spectacular and approachable recipes that are accompanied by beautiful photographs. And they are written with the same spirit and love of making and entertaining that the Hamilton's must have inherited from their parents. 

Here are some inspiration images that we are pulling to help get us in the mood!

Happy Spring!

Meriah and Nancy at Annodia, Brooklyn


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Doing Fine Watching Shadows on the Wall...

Quick, name one rock'n'roll song or album that's about being a stay at home parent...stumped you huh? Yeah, somehow changing diapers, making lunches, and playing legos has never really inspired great music...or so I thought, until yesterday, when I was trying to listen to Double Fantasy instead of the incessant whining that seems to happen around here from about 5-7 and it hit me that a lot of John Lennon's later songs were about family life...I mean, duh, I've heard "Watching the Wheels" a million times, but last night, it struck me that he was totally talking about dropping out, hanging with his kid and not really giving an eff about playing the cool game anymore...obviously "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" is about his son Sean and is there a more poignant lullaby?...and "(just like) Starting Over"...who hasn't wanted to sing those lyrics to their other half after a few years into the parenting game...pretty rad, huh? you probably had that figured out already though...
Okay off to enjoy some 55 degree weather! SPRING!
xoxo, M
PS - Lots of new markdowns in the shop - including jewelry....
and so much goodness on the way...if you follow me on twitter and instagram (shopprettymommy) you know i was freaking out over the Lizzie Fortunato that just for it!