Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Glow

“I clean her room but it doesn’t really last. Cleaning a child’s room is almost ridiculous. It lasts for a second – you turn around and you’re like, ‘what?!’”
 The gorgeous Meredith Kahn and daughter Grayson

 "I wish I was better at saying no to sweets. Can't make myself do it because I want it too."
Cool & laid back Lauren Moffatt and daughter Stella

Have you checked out the new website The Glow by photographer Kelly Stuart?  Kind of a Coveteur/Selby for cool moms....totally crushing on the beautiful photography and stylin ladies...

I have so much more to tell you but alas my one handed typing, baby juggling, preschooler entertaining skills are a little lacking so until tomorrow (in which I bring you a super fantastic Everyday Obsessions)
xoxo, M

ps - however I am quite adept at tweeting, pinning, tumbling, and instagramming (shopprettymommy) from my little phone so let me know if you are out there so I can follow you!! I'd love to know some of your favorite tumblrs too...

Friday, May 27, 2011



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xoxo, M

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello Friends!!
Happy hump day...It's probably no surprise that I am a ghastly photographer since I practically never post my own photos but I was cleaning up my iphone and thought I'd share a few from the past month...(fortunately shake it photo makes everything look a little better, no?)  These are from a trip Lila and I took to the Walker a couple of days before Louisa was born...we hit it up again yesterday and had a blast...I love their Arty Pants events!  Yesterday in the art lab the kiddos all got to make a huge jungle...I wish I had pics but I had my hands full with two...

a few things from smallable - our lovely friends sent us a gift certificate and of course I wasted no time shopping! The sweet gold ballet flats kill me and the nightlight is heaven...

Lila's choice at the shoe store yesterday...hmmm...maybe shoe shopping alone is a better proposition but who can deny this cutie her "dream shoes"...hamming it up in the morn in her fedora (and yes, my house is always that messy)

my favorite lunch...(yes, that orzo salad again!)...and trying to take a self portrait and keep the babe happy in my new uniform...

Shanna Murray wall decal in gold...and Clare Vivier Bando bag in moss with Chris's new record shelves...

Lil L in her wrap...her favorite place to sleep...and our farmer's market trips keep getting rained out so we had to duck into the Lowbrow instead...I recommend the breakfast tacos - yum!!

okay, and speaking of new uniform...here it is - old J crew stripe tee, new Madewell maxi skirt with pockets, Clare Vivier mini sac (holds one diaper, wipes, phone and credit card - whew!), Dream Collective arrowhead amulet necklace (OBSESSED!), target cat eye sunglassses, and Urban Outfitters sandals (fedora not shown but essential to covering up non deliberate ombre hair with many strands o'grey)  Thoughts??

 and a few better pictures of my new favorite necklace and the Bando bag in Moss and Silver...
Okay, that's all folks!
See ya later...
xoxo, M

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pink Power

all images - Diana Koenigsberg

I should be embarrassed to admit it but I'm a chronic late gifter...If I manage to land within the month of a birthday/holiday then all is well...which means it's about time for me to get a Mother's Day gift in the mail...fortunately I can still grab one of these gorgeous prints by photographer Diana Koenigsberg...not only are they beautiful but Diana is donating half of the sale of each to the Susan G Komen for the Cure organization - pink & powerful!

and how stunning is the rest of her work??...love her vibrant use of color and sense of fun!
xoxo, M

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hidden Gems..

 Hello weekend!! Any exciting plans?? I might try to sneak away and see Bridesmaids if I'm feeling brave...Louisa hasn't had a bottle yet so we'll see if I work up the nerve to pump and leave the mister in charge of both girlies...anyone seen it yet?  Before I get to a little shop news I wanted to announce the winner of the by Elizabeth Dehn Face Spray giveaway - drumroll please....it's Torrie of A Place To Share!! I wish I had one to send to everyone - but if you decide to treat yourself I promise it will be the most relaxing $28 you could spend...the smell is just heavenly!

 Needing something a little more than skin deep?  Here are a few hidden gems at the boutique:
Virginia Johnson Basket Shawl - perfect for a early morning farmer's market stroll, Matta Maya Necklaces - these are so great layered and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, John Robshaw Primrose Pillow - a fun pop of color, love the pinks and oranges with little mirrors
Lizzie Fortunato High Tides Necklace - the ultimate hippie luxe statement necklace, Matta Jemu Scarf - a great summer weight with beautiful embroidery, Dream Collective Dune 7 Earrings - I never get tired of Kathryn Bentley's gorgeous jewelry and these are my current faves
Ode Kids Uma Dress - Lila can't stop wearing these beautiful cotton sundresses, Matta Rahu Wood Necklaces - earthy & fun - a great gift with your favorite yogi,  Ace & Jig Mini Dress easy & effortless - a must have for summer

or jonesing to add a little more Stewart + Brown to your life? It's all on sale!!
okay...enough schilling - gotta run and (insert boring domestic chore here) before the little wakes up and the big loses interest in her sticker book (do you have sticker addicts in your house??)
xoxo, M

Thursday, May 19, 2011

S/S Style Musings: Guest Blogger - Elissa, Ebb & Flow

This marks the second time the lovely Elissa has come to my blogging aid...which makes her a huge sweetheart in my book...that plus her fabulous taste and keen eye for great design make her blog Ebb & Flow a daily read - and I'm sure one of yours as well!...thanks Elissa for answering my call for a little sartorial help this spring - I LOVE your choices...xoxo, M

Hello pretty mommy readers! It's Elissa here, from ebb & flow. I'm so excited to be guest blogging today but must admit I was a bit intimidated by the topic Michelle had in mind…fashion. As a general rule I suffer from what I'll lovingly call 'champagne taste on a beer budget'. You can usually find me frugally dressed for comfort (even as I write this I'm wearing leggings and an oversize tee) but drooling over high-fashion, perfectly tailored pieces. Other than an abundance of cotton in my closet, I've got some basics that I always come back to. But I think with the rising temperatures, the longer days and the hints of sunshine it's time to embrace more bold summer statements no matter what the bank statement reads. Navigating the fashion waters is rough work though so I'm starting with three looks that I think will help add that extra spunk to the months ahead. They are not rocket science, by any means, but I've got to start somewhere.

It would seem that nature is onto something this time of year and why it's taken me this long to notice I do not know. But in this season of growth and blossoms I'm taking a cue from Mother Nature and jazzing up my wardrobe with some florals. Looking through my closet I currently have a weak showing of two less-than-stellar floral prints. Time to change that.

Between my grandmothers jewelry collections, my flea market habit and some great gifts I have amassed quite a collection of bracelets and bangles throughout the years. This season I plan to showcase them in unusual collections on bare (hopefully bronzed) arms with a simple top. Sounds totally do-able.

Last up on my summer list is statement heels. Whether it's a unique shape, a vibrant hue or an unexpected fabric I could use a burst of freshness in the shoe department. I think they'd be the perfect addition to the classics, cotton and soon-to-be florals in my closet. Just add a collection of bracelets and I'll be turning heads, hopefully for all the right reasons.

Elissa, ebb & flow

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Calgon Take Me Away (+ a giveaway!)

Well friends, I'm not going to sugarcoat it, yesterday was a bit of a doozy...here I was bragging about how easy two kids has been so far and then, wham!! the little one decided that she didn't really feel like napping at all and the older one decided to be outright naughty (cut to me chasing her down the hallway with a screaming, wet baby who desperately needed the bath towel her sister had claimed as her dress up costume of the hour...wah!!)  I almost put them both in their rooms and curled into the fetal position...instead I took a deep breath, spritzed myself with the new face spray in my beauty arsenal by Elizabeth Dehn, and faced those two little girlies with a renewed peace of mind and glowing skin...

okay, haha, that was my weak attempt at overt product placement a la Bravo TV...the naughtiness was out of control yesterday and the face spray is divine but unfortunately cannot make parenting less of a challenge...however Elizabeth's new line is pretty off the charts in the feel good category - just 3 simple products from the beauty writer and mastermind behind the excellent Beauty Bets - a face spray, shea cream, and serum - with the tagline NO CHEMICALS, PRESERVATIVES, OR SYNTHETICS...they all smell and feel amazing and Elizabeth has generously offered up a free face spray to one of you lucky girls so comment away and I will pick a winner at random on Friday...did I mention that my tired new mom skin looks as fresh as a daisy?
 See  y'all tomorrow - until then I'll be face spritzing and crossing my fingers for a more mellow afternoon..
If you can't wait until then to get your hands on some of these goodies race over to the shop and pick some up...
xoxo, M

Monday, May 16, 2011

You know you're gold, you don't gotta worry none...

Photo via Something Trendy
Photo - Keep Feeling Fascination
(Joanna's trip to Morocco is a must view - traveling vicariously never  felt so good!)
Photo - Tales of Endearment
Photo - Late Afternoon
Photo - Jeana Sohn
(never failed to be inspired by her and her muses!)
Hello Sunshine!!  In celebration of the glorious sun making an appearance here for the second day in a row I thought I'd show off a little color...all I want to do is swan around in a bright floaty maxi skirt and fill my life with pattern..apparently if you are close to a Zara you can pick up one of these beauties (like Laura - officially the cutest pregnant style ever - found via Joslyn)...perhaps you might send one my way as well?
So how are things here in newborn land?  I have to say little Louisa Pearl is pretty golden...I'm holding my breath a bit but the transition has been much more smooth and relaxed than I anticipated - we even hit the new neighborhood hotspot, Tilia - hospitable to hipsters & toddlers alike (at 5pm that is), for dinner Saturday night, braved nursing in public - whew, and all left with full bellies and full hearts...
Other than that I've gotten pretty comfy as a baby snuggling couch potato, soaking up lots of TV (currently obsessed with Secrets From a Stylist - Emily's wardrobe is the best!, Pregnant in Heels - crazytown!, and rediscovering how hilarious Parks and Rec is), tweeting and pinning one handed on my phone, and showering Lila with attention anytime the babe is sleeping...in other words I'm passively active, right?
how are things in your world? gardens growing? vacations planned? summer anticipated?
Okay, here are a few more current obsessions before I run...

Collected - of all the new online magazines this is the one that speaks to me...LOVE!

I haven't spent much time in the kitchen but have made this salad no less than 3 times now...my friend Barb brought it over and I think I ate the entire bowl in one day...Torrie's a big fan too...

The big winners from my Calypso shopping spree? The gauze tunic and Dale shirt...lightweight perfection...

and Louisa's favorite lullaby...

xoxo, M

ps - thank you to everyone who shopped at the store this weekend! it was crazy busy...and an even bigger thank you to everyone who has been patiently awaiting blue CV foldover clutches...they are shipping in and shipping out as fast as we are able;) We have a tiny bit of Clare Vivier things in stock - Bandos in Moss, Navy, & Silver, Black La Trops & Black Messengers, and Mini Sacs so hop on over! Also, lots of hidden gems so dig around...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Of a Kind + Ace & Jig = Limited Edition Perfection!

Wednesdays are my new favorite because that's when Of a Kind releases a new limited edition piece by a handpicked up and coming designer...(how cool is that?? Some past crushes and Pretty Mommy shop regulars have made an appearance)  and my excitement jumped ten fold when I found out today's designers were my two favorite, cool Brooklyn moms Jenna & Cary of Ace & Jig...Masters of the effortless and chic, this little tank dress is no exception...head on over and scoop yours up (there are only 20!) and then read up on the inspiring gals behind the design...
xoxo, M

PS - you can check out the rest of their amazing spring/summer collection (like this uber cool mini) at Pretty Mommy Shop as well...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everyday Obsessions {25} - Jora, Domestic Reflections

Surely you already know and love Jora of the wonderful Domestic Reflections...I fully admit to a bit of a crush on her, her super cool house, and ability to juggle 3 (ridiculously photogenic) kiddos, raise chickens, cultivate her own honey, whip up super yummy meals and find time to write a blog...and she does it all with a down to earth sense of humor...yep, she's kind of a wonder (oh, and one of my favorites on pinterest...) so without further ado here are her Everyday Obsessions - thanks Jora!!

In My Closet: 
jeans -  Raven and Paige always fit just right.  I love all cuts: skinny, boot, trouser, wide leg.  I don’t discriminate. 
on my feet – Various gold sandals are my standard (from Havaiana flip flops to Sam Edelman ballet flats to Jimmy Choo stilettos!)…I think they go with everything and I would be sad to hear that they don’t ;-); I also love clogs of all types, especially sandals
accessory – Hayden Harnett hobo bag, Matta scarf in azalea (thanks pretty mommy!), a favorite yellow raffia clutch from spain that my sister brought back for me 
jewelry – Diamond studs (my “push present” after my son was born) and my engagement ring, of course 

Beauty Secrets:
Skin – I have been using Bio Oil for the past 3 months….my husband keeps accusing me of getting a facial in the middle of the day so I think it might be working!  Also, Hauschka’s Rejuvenating Mask gives me a little freshening up before a night out.  I use Kiehl’s Crème de Corps everyday all over my body….I always come back to it.  I also love L’Occitane hand cream.  The scent is amazing and it’s not greasy at all.
makeup -  Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is my hands down desert island favorite must have product at all times.  I also love cream blushes by Laura Mercier.  I always have a tube of Kiehl’s lip balm hue no. 58B in my purse.  But let’s be real, I am a lip gloss addict and have so many that I love it would be impossible to narrow down here.  A good gloss brightens your whole face!
scent – When I wear it (which is rare), I go with Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom, Carolina Herrera (because it reminds me of when I met my husband) and Bobbi Brown Beach
Hair- I’m not very loyal to any hair products.  I do like a little Moroccan Oil now and again.  And ever since my dear friend Holly bought me a Mason Pearson brush, I use it all day, everyday.      

In My Kitchen:
cookbook – I have a huge collection, but I’m trying to pare it down to the ones I most love and use.  The Gourmet Cookbook has been a favorite of mine for the past couple of years.  Highly recommended.
gadget – I’m not a huge gadget person (although I am crazy about cooking!).  If it counts as a gadget, I would have to pick my very, very beloved Gaggia Classic espresso maker.  My husband makes me espresso every morning and it is the best.  We can’t wait to get home to the Gaggia when we are on vacation.  It’s that good.
30 min easy recipe -  Linguini with Sauteed Shrimp, garlic, white wine and tomatoes.  Also, a pan of brownies (the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s cocoa box).
can't live w/o ingredient – Butter, lemon and good salt (these 3 ingredients will make almost anything taste better!)

walls – Our house is almost entirely floor to ceiling windows, so there isn’t a ton of space to hang art. But I am currently in love with paintings by Michelle Armas and my 3 year old daughter Juliet.  
bedding –  I am dying for a full John Robshaw bed makeover!  
flowers – Tulips, ranunculus, peonies, hydrangeas and roses (for their scent)
favorite design source – Blogs, of course!  And now, pinterest too.  I think I am addicted to Pinterest.

Pop Culture Extra Credit:
on my tivo – Real Housewives of Orange County (holla!), The Soup, French Cooking with Lauren Calder