Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Current Crushes - A Single Man Edition

Yes, it's a bit morbid to be trolling a movie about suicide for style inspiration but when it's A Single Man directed by Tom Ford it really just can't be helped! I finally saw it this weekend (about a year behind) and pretty much every frame is full to the brim with let's get started...

The eyeliner and hair are out of control...doesn't everyone look better with a bit of a messy tease and thick black liner?  I think the early 60's might be my absolute favorite beauty era...

Nicholas Hoult's angora sweater is heaven and reminds of this one I was lusting over on Hanneli...

Model Aline Weber makes an ubercool cameo as Lois wearing super cat eye sunglasses much like Tom Ford's Nikita frames

and speaking of glasses, Colin Firth's vintage pair were total perfection as well...
after watching this and loads of Mad Men I loved the contrast of MM's NYC style versus the California cool of A Single Man both set during the same time period...If you're hankering for more early 60's sartorial splendor 8 1/2 can't be beat...any other recommendations?
xoxo, M

Recipe Exchange Update...

Hello All! Just a quick update - if you wanted to participate in the recipe exchange click here for the sign up sheet...can't wait to get this rolling...xoxo, M
Back in a bit!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Do y'all ever get tired of my style obsessions?? Seriously, leopard, camel shoulder bag, elbow patch sweater...PERFECTION!  Back in a bit with something a bit more
 substantial but have to go hit the Walker for Arty Pants Tuesdays...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Recipe Exchange

So this morning I vaguely mentioned a blog recipe exchange and have had some lovely responses...wanted to clarify a couple of things for anyone who was thinking of the idea is that each day someone new will post a easy, yummy fall recipe on their blog...and everyone participating will throw a little link to it at the bottom of their post for the day...dinner, crockpot and apple recipes are especially needed...and hopefully the question of "what's for dinner?" could become a little easier for all of us ;) Whew!  I'm already super excited to try out the crisp and chutney recipes Alecia & Danielle left in the comments today - THANK YOU!!  So if you're up for it drop me a line at shopprettymommy (at) hotmail (dot) com or in the comments below...xoxo, M
UPDATE - Here is the sign up sheet - Thanks ladies!!

image - Rifle Recipe Card Box

An Apple A Day

One of my absolute favorite Fall activities is apple picking and the twin cities boasts some fantastic orchards, complete with hay rides, apple brats, apple donuts, and farm animals galore...but we were especially lucky this year to be invited to my friend's family orchard on their apple picking day...let's see - come fill up your trunk with apples in the gorgeous fall sunshine on a bluff overlooking one of the most scenic spots in the state?  Oh yeah, we were all over it...

Now what to do with all these lovely specimens?? I'm excited to try my hand at Apple Butter from the Good to the Grain cookbook the lovely Joy sent me for my birthday, make fresh applesauce, apple tarts, apple crisp...but dear friends I would love to hear some of your favorites...

Speaking of recipe help, I have to tell you I've been in a huge cooking slump these old standbys aren't whetting my appetite and I just can't seem to turn out a decent inspired by (okay totally ripping her off) Michelle's genius recipe exchange I propose that we start up a dinner  one...perhaps beginning with crock pot recipes (ahem, Alexis??)  so if you'd like to participate drop me an email at shopprettymommy (at) hotmail (dot) com or leave your email in the comments below - I'll organize us into dates and then we can all link back to the recipe running that day on each other's blogs...sound good??

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy, Happy Weekend!

This weekend I'm going to...
tease my hair to high heaven...
repaint my nails red...
go on an actual date with the Mr. (Dinner or movies, ladies??)
make it to Saturday morning yoga...
Pick some apples at Lake Pepin... 
and cuddle with my spidergirl...
What's on your agenda?
Some current faves:
This Tucker for Target tank - finally a collaboration I'm fully impressed by
Brasa takeout with Miss E and the kiddos
Hating Project Runway - sometimes watching is more fun when everyone bugs the crap out of you...the Jackie O challenge - trainwreck!!
Taco trucks at parties (coming to the Blooma bday party - next weekend!)
Honeycrisp apples from The Apple House
and these Gap flats which are suprisingly comfortable...
and the new Virginia Johnson scarves

ps - Lots of new arrivals !!

image Vogue August 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Updates - #3 & #4

 photos - Jak & Jil

#3 - A Classic Shoulder Bag
Simple, elegant, longstrap, smaller (seriously, what are we carrying around in those huge bags ladies?? besides random socks, half eaten snacks, and leaking juice boxes, of course)  The Celine Box Bag is the ideal but at $3400 I think these alternatives offer as much style...
 or you could scavenge for your mom's old coach bag from the 80's...right?

top two photos - Garance for Elle UK, bottom - The Sartorialist

#4 - Army Green
the navy blue of fall...and an easy way to toughen up any ensemble...
I think J Crew pretty much has this covered so I'm going to scoot and catch up on GG and Glee...xoxo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Part Two - The Updates - #1 & #2

#1 - The Silk Shirt 
Okay, you looked a little, you ask? Yes, normally this blog is silk, chiffon, satin and high heel free - all lovely things but I prefer a washable & comfortable wardrobe...however I'm fully seduced by the return of the washed silk, slightly roomy blouse...fully endorsed by Garance, Lucy, Hanneli and Carine - I might splurge on the original by Equipment but Madewell, Zara and I'm sure H & M do a great version as well...super sexy left open a little too low with a tiny gold necklace

#2 - Wool Felt Hat
I'm going out on a limb and declaring this to be the year to ditch your knit beanie and embrace more sophsticated headgear...Not hard for me since I can't bear any itchy, scratchy, knitwear and the bad hair that goes along with it...So I plan to trade in my straw fedora for a winter version...I love, love, the Anda & Masha chapeaus (Drew Barrymore stylists of late and seen hanging with Garance) Drew's sporting the Keith...
What do you think?? Two more tomorrow...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Part One - The Classics

 Saturday night I went to a super lovely shindig at the fantastic W's house (more on that later - taco truck and custom cocktails - heaven!) and fell into some funny conversations about fashion, style, what to wear, what to toss...on the way home, breeze in my hair, Band of Horses on the stereo, I threw together a few lists...the first - The Classics (okay my classics, totally not definitive, a little no brainer, and open to suggestion) - much like your Beatles CDs, which you would never sell off at Cheapos - the pieces that have staying power and were just as cool in 1960 as they are in 2010...

1) The trench (see, no brainer I said)...nuff said
runner up: the Peacoat 
APC Trench, Jackie via Neo-Trad

2) A Classic Buttondown - I prefer mine oversize & rumpled but tucked & pressed works equally well
other top choices: the stripe tee, grandpa cardigan

3) & 4) 501's & Converse = not trying too hard cool
alternatives - toms, bensimon, tretorns, and ballet flats

 5) red nails & red lips - Nars Gipsy is a favorite
and you can never go wrong with black eyeliner and rosy cheeks
images - J Crew, Glamour

6) Ray Ban Wayfarer - Audrey, Grace, Bob, Madonna, Warhol, Woody, the list goes on...
optical options- the cat eye, aviator, and oversize
So what are your classics? stay tuned for 6 picks for Fall tomorrow...