Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On making the effort to be effortless

Phoebe Philo photographed by David Sims for Vogue March 2013.
Oh there are so many reasons that this little blog has languished for the past two years while I try to get a handle on some sort of work/life balance...but you know how I feel about blogging about not blogging? yup, it's pretty deadly dull, right? So let me boil all down to the fact that I'm the queen of not trying to hard and this space just seemed pretty labored.  Aside from the shop updates I kind of threw in the towel...but here it is...I'm back people...not back in longer, thoughtful, well formed post way but back in a brief, one image, one obsession, short & sweet kind of way...4 days a week...quick things that I'm nuts over and 1 day a week I'll inundate you with cool sh^& from the shop?
Are you with me?
Here goes...obsession numero uno...Ms Philo in Vogue...that couch that says I'm not afraid to be bold/tacky and have a sense of humor about it...leather sweatpants & trainers that scream cool AND comfortable...but thrown back with classic, understated pieces and handbag...done & done...full on girl crush.
xoxo, M


  1. Love that you will be blogging more! I always love to see your store items "in real life" for inspiration (just in case you're looking for ideas! :)

  2. ameeeen.

    exactly how i feel about blogging {and about blogging about not blogging ;}.

    i think the key is less labored posts, with maybe a few labored ones thrown in the mix here and there... when time/life permits :).

  3. NEVER be afraid to be tacky! ;)

    i like your plan.


  4. We love her quirky style, her quick wit, her amazing voice and her “real” girl kind of attitude to celebrity life. If you don’t know what I mean by that, follow her on Instagram (@zooeydeschanel). She’s only submitted 58 photos but she gives her fans a fun glimpse into her world. effortlessenglishsite.com


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