Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Heaven in a Cup

I know, I know...from the title you thought I was going to hand over some kick ass cocktail recipe right?  But friends, I've been on a big wellness kick (which for me means drinking a big glass of green juice while perusing yoga schedules - intention is half the battle right?) and I finally went in yesterday to see my favorite acupuncturist, Jalashree, for a cupping session...whoa mama! have you ever had cupping? It's been a few years and I had forgotten how completely amazing it feels...if you get low grade headaches + super tight neck & shoulders like I do then I highly recommend...the cups create a super suction and it feels like all the tension is being pulled right out...afterwards you can get acupuncture and take a siesta...I walked out of there feeling positively GOOPish...
xoxo, M


  1. almost as good as a kick ass cocktail recipe.


  2. GOOPish - I love it. I have never tried this and I think I just might. :)


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