Friday, February 24, 2012

Champagne Friday - teeny tiny bubbles

 Earlier this week EstelleMelissa, Danielle  and I were tweeting about our favorite bubbly drinks so decided to turn this Friday into a roving blog post dubbed Champagne Friday - Cheers!


I know, I know....there's nothing more cliched and girlie than an unabashed love for all things bubbly (except of course naming this as your favorite color - although did you happen to catch this lady's hue of choice? and drink? well played, Sofia, well played)
and while with two girls I'm easily able to indulge my fondness for every shade of pink under the sun...quaffing a bottle of champagne is not always compatible with early wake-ups and nursing babies...thus, enter the mini...90's supermodel's drink of choice, and my personal favorite for a night in...making dish washing and post bedtime house cleaning a more glamorous affair. A quick perusal of my local wine shops for splits revealed a somewhat limited but workable selection...Sofia in a can (good for mixing & if you only have one no headaches involved), my personal fave - the classic Veuve - a bit of a splurge but really classes up the joint...and really deliciously decadent - pink AND bubbly...that's will be what I'm sipping on this Sunday for some Oscar viewing...(doh, why did I think they were last week?)
and when I have occasion to open a whole bottle? Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs is fantastic and won't break the bank...

Currently coveting: my sister-in-laws vintage, hollow stem, etched coupes...

 always have some Sofia's on hand in case of an emergency...

 washing dishes is made a lot more pleasant with a little sparkle on the side...

classic mixers - elderflower syrup (ikea), pellegrino, and lemon twist...

in my fridge...ready for Oscar night! time is over...I'll meet you back here on Monday for some post award show fashion head on over and see what Estelle, Melissa, & Danielle  are drinking this Friday!
xoxo, M


  1. I love that you keep Sofia on hand and bottle of Veuve in fridge. Reminding me, yet again, that you are a gal after my own heart. Damn, this distance thing. And those coupes are absolutely beautiful. Such a fun post. Now I need to try a bottle of Schramsberg.

  2. Oh man, wish I would have had the time to join in with the posts...I love them! And I had no clue about Sofia. So much fun! Also no clue? Ikea mixers. Michelle, you are my champagne guru. :)

  3. And my girl crush on you just grows Michelle...You know I am a martini girl, but my absolute fav is a REALLY good french martini. Because it's sparkling AND pink!

  4. I went to a mixology class a few weeks ago that was themed for Valentine's Day, so all of the drinks were centered around champagne. The best tip I got out of the class is what to do with the rest of the champagne in an unfinished bottle... make simple syrup using the champagne instead of water! It will last for weeks and is amazing in a French 75!

  5. ditto to katie's comment... how was i not aware of that can?? or the ikea mixers??

    saving your post along with the rest and i'm determined to try every single recommendation... and get stocked up on a few of those cans :).

  6. I tried the can bubbly over the weekend and agree it is totally a staple. I will now keep it on hand for improptu picnics and such :)


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