Friday, February 17, 2012

Hot Pants

I really love my....
coral J Crew toothpick jeans...can you tell? 
they kind of go with everything, are super bright and sunny...I'm tempted to get another color so I have one to wear while these are in the, bright blue, yellow??
Lila took that last picture this morning at the new, cool shop in town-  arrow (owned by in toto alums Sarah Dwyer & Mike Basham) and while I was trying some things on I let her loose with the's a few from her point of view...

 I think the kids got a bit of an eye, no? Great stuff for all you Minneapolitans (like Vanessa Bruno & Jerome Dreyfuss) right across from Askov Finlayson & the Bachelor Farmer...head on over asap!

Speaking of great stuff - working on uploading new goodies - Tucker, Virginia Johnson, LnA Tees & more this weekend...check it out!!

Happy Weekend friends...I've got a hot date with my TV & the Mr - Drive to watch, the OSCARS!!!, and a double helping of Downton Abbey....xoxo, M


  1. Well, no WONDER! They are ADORABLE and look fantastic on you! I vote for another pair in green! :) Can't wait to see your new shop goodies! :)

  2. I just ordered pink pants and was scared about actually wearing them. This post has calmed me down!

  3. Love them! I bought a pair of hot pink pants last summer and they made me grin every time I wore them:

    On a side note, I haven't been able to leave any comments lately, but just discovered that if I access your blog with Safari rather than Firefox there's no problem. Not sure if it's me or if it's something about your comments section, but I did think I'd mention it.

  4. Your girl absolutely has an eye. Must run in the family. You are so darn chic. I love those colorful pants. Need some of my own for spring. =)


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