Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Ilana Kohn

If you been around these parts for a while you know my favorite gift giving mantra for the holidays (via my awesome Mom) is "Something you want,  something you need, something to wear, and something to read..."  For me, it has really helped simplify the more, more, more craziness that can happen this time of year and in the past I've had some of my favorite bloggers chime in...this year though, I thought I'd invite some of my favorite designers to share their wishlists and I'm thrilled to kick things off with one of my favorite discoveries of 2011 (yes, I know - how was I not a fan before??) brooklyn based Ilana Kohn.  

Something you want:
 I already have a couple of Ermie dresses but I'm greedy and always want more!  Jennifer's textiles are just insanity.

Something you need:
I was in desperate need of a new wallet and just got this amazing one from Rennes over the weekend.  Thank goodness for this thing, I can finally find what I need!  And if it looks good in the picture, it’s even better in person I tell ya.

Something to Wear:
 also have quite a few Brvtvs pieces and wear them all the time.  This one reminds me of a necklace my mom always wore when I was a kid.  That said, I want to wear it.  Everyday. 

Something to Read:
Jane EyreThis one never gets old.

As for what I’m giving to friends & family:
I’m hoping to have one of these for my partner in marbling crime Emily in time for x-mas.  She’ll look way hot in it. :)
Thanks for including me in this Michelle! :)

Thank you Ilana!
I've been living in her Samet Shirt and there are a few lucky girls on my list who might find one of her + Emily's marbled scarves in their stocking on Christmas morning...
xoxo, M


  1. Love, love, love it ! Such a fan of everyone Ilana mentioned here, including HER own work that you mentioned darlin! Such a gorgeous list, can't wait to see what the other lovelies have in store!

  2. Love that envelope wallet. I need something like that as well.


  3. Yep, the want/need/wear/read thing is the way to go! We've been doing it for years, too and I've found it's a great way for us (me?) to keep things under control.

    I've got an Ermie dress on my Christmas list as well. Her textiles *are* insanely gorgeous...I love them! I also have the Samet shirt on there, too. The only thing is, I can't decide if they are wants or needs... ;)


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