Monday, December 19, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Winifred Grace

Yay! I'm back to kick off another week of wish lists with jewelry designer Winifred Grace Gundeck...I'm a huge fan of her glam yet earthy mix and her bold black & gold combinations strike just the right note for this time of year...I'd be a happy girl to find any of her jewels under the tree but this necklace with a bit a bright blue thrown in might be a personal favorite...and Winifred has a big holiday ahead with the impending arrival of her first born! Thanks WG!

Something You Want:
Brunello Cucinelli Wing-Tip Flat Work Boot
what every new mom needs! a $1200 boot! although I do think these would last until I'm a grandmother: impeccably-made and timeless.
Something you Need: Stylish baskets to store baby's toys
 Something to Wear: a custom swimsuit (to accommodate my newest post-baby curves) from awesome NY-based company Malia Mills 

Something to Read: The Happiest Baby on the Black here's hoping!! 

Something to gift: 
I've been wearing this non stop as it is so easy and light. Great layered or by itself, and transitions into Spring perfectly ... some family members will be seeing this under their tree!


  1. I noticed a similar pair of boots here, though the ones you posted are way more luxurious! Great round-up, especially the necklace! xo.

  2. Such an awesome list and my most favorite thing on it? That gorgeous necklace by Winifred at the end. LOVE...just went straight to the top o' my wish list! :)

  3. that book really is that good! worked on all three of my boys :)

  4. Those boots are insanely amazing. Of course I'm just getting around to reading this after the holidays and they no longer exist anywhere, but I can still fantasize. So gorgeous!


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