Monday, April 11, 2011

Nesting vs Spring Cleaning

some of my favorite organized images: 1/2/3/4

Hi Lovelies! I feel like I've been away so long and am bursting with things to tell y'all but first things first...remember a couple of months ago when I was trying to lure you into hanging with me poolside in Palm Springs?...well, I obviously didn't get my #^$! together to pull off a trip so last week I decided to take that money and hire a professional organizer that my friends have been raving about - let me tell was seriously life changing...and while my house doesn't look quite like the pics above it has the potential to be a palace of clean now...My personal princess of pristine, Vasilia, came on Wednesday, whipped the girlies rooms into shape (yeah - a baby can live here now!) turned my kitchen shelves into models of minimalism and littered my back porch with a whopping 10 bags of stuff to give, sell, and trash...(did I mention she's down in my basement right now tackling the real crazy!)...I'm officially declaring it the best baby shower gift ever because what you really need when you have kids is less stuff not more, right?? So drop the blankie, the cute onesies, the hand carved maple teether, grab your friends and chip in for an organizer for that new mom to be in your life...
I spent about half the time I normally do picking up this weekend and every stitch of kiddie clutter now resides safely in lovely organized bins in the girl's rooms - whew!!
Now I'm declaring this week Beauty Week...haircut, color, pedicure, bikini wax ( it sad that the only time I make this a priority is right before giving birth?)...
Hope you are all well and enjoying gorgeous spring weather! It was actually 75 here yesterday - which was a weird contrast to the patches of ice still on the lakes...
xoxo, M
ps - If you are in Minneapolis Vasilia's contact info is: or (507)319-8874


  1. Sounds amazing, like you said, truly the best gift possible for a new (or soon-to-be-new-again) mom, even if you're giving it to yourself. And I love the idea of giving yourself a beauty week too! Sometimes the best vacations are the ones where we get to pampers ourselves and really be happy in our own homes.

  2. Hi Michelle, I live in Mpls, and am very interested in your organizer! Does she have a website? Thanks.

  3. Thanks so much Nomadic D!
    Oppidan - I just added her phone and email to the post - she rocks!!

  4. Wow that sounds like pure perfection...someone to help you do the nesting and in a massive way. I love it. Enjoy you deserve it!
    xo Trina

  5. Loooooove this, and not just saying it. We spent an entire week organizing/simplifying (thank God Ryan & I are totally on the same page in this regard!), and I feel so strongly about the positive benefits... physically & mentally! I don't write about it too often, but I want to a little more (w/out boring everyone to death ;).

  6. that is so inspiring and exactly what I need to do!!!! the desire to nest is so strong but so much harder on #2... I could stay up until 2am organizing my linen closet with #1 and now I am in bed at 7:45... got to go it's past my bed time ;)...

  7. Can you tell my friends? ;)

    Enjoy the pampering and your newly organized space!

  8. Bravo, Michelle! An organized space is truly priceless...and as I say this I have LOTS of organizing to do this weekend ;)

  9. Great post. xo


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