Sunday, October 11, 2009

I ♥ Steven Alan

Shopping economically doesn't have to mean hitting bargain stores like h&m and forever 21.  It can simply mean choosing chic, timeless pieces that you'll love and wear forever.  My personal favorite source for this is the NYC based Steven Alan.  It perfectly captures that East Coast preppy with an edge/nyc hipster vibe I adore. 

I'd start with this Tippi coat - $495 - it could be sophisticated Hitchcock heroine with long gloves, a bit mod with a mini, or 80's prep with a navy cardigan and khakis.

I've been on a huge skirt kick lately and looove this Ella corduroy - $158 - I'm tossing mine over some cute Bleu Foret patterned tights and my No 6 short boots

add a great sweater - Hayley - $345, a sleek over the shoulder bag - Rachel Nasvik Eleanor Mini - $296, and an unconventional cashmere button hat - $98 - mix and match to your hearts content...xoxo

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