Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Music For Mommies

I was watching Lady GaGa on Saturday Night Live this weekend and swear it was the first time I'd actually heard one of her songs (hopefully the last too - really!!). Up on Top 40 I am not. However, my husband happens to be a music writer by profession so at least one of us knows what's what. He covers the local and indie rock scene for The Star Tribune (check his column out here). While that doesn't mean our 2 year old can sing along to the White Album, tell you her favorite Johnny Cash song, or quote you Bob Dylan lyrics, she does get a good dose of great music in between rounds of her "Wee sing in the Car" cd. Here are some of our recent picks from Daddy's ipod

P.S. Most of these are all from the past year or so - I'm still a little behind :)
P.P.S. - This list should not reflect on the musical tastes or credibilty of my esteemed husband - I'm sure he'd be suitably embarrased by my attempt to write about music

Mates of State - Rearrange Us - husband and wife team, pretty harmonies, poignant lyrics...they tour with their kids and write a cute blog about it on Babble called Band on the Diaper Run

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend - East Coast Preppies do indie rock with afro-pop influence...great for bouncing around the living room

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - The new French it band fronted by Sofia Coppola's baby daddy...Stylish and sweet!

Kings of Leon - if you are just now discovering these boys, check out their first few albums - Youth and Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak, and Because of the Times ...more sexy lyrics, rockin guitars, and Caleb Followill's gravely vocals...really, who can get enough of these hot boys in skinny jeans?

 Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest - I don't think my hubby is a big fan of these Brooklyn hipsters but I'm a total sucker for falsetto and love the second song on this disc

Wilco - Wilco (The Album) - the classic critic's fave for good reason...the new album features a duet with Feist and Wilco (the song)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz - fronted by the coolest Woman in Rock, the new disc is a little mellower and more's to hoping Lila loves Karen O instead of Miley Cyrus

MIA - Kala - Did you happen to catch her 9 months pregnant performing at the Grammy's? That's real Girl Power! Great for "shaking the sillies out" with your toddler

89.3 The Current - I'm from Austin and generally think that it beats any city hands down in most catagories...but I have to give it up for the Twin Cities public radio station The's by far the best in the country (you can listen online here)...Bonus: they also stream a great kid's mix called Wonderground Radio!

And we always love:  Willie nelson, weezer, spoon, ryan adams, rufus wainwright, prince, pavement, band of horses, beatles, beach boys...etc too many to list!
also, some Kid's Cds that don't suck:

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