Friday, October 9, 2009

What Do You Feed Your Kids for Lunch?

I have to take a little break from wallet is starting to hyperventilate and the word "need" instead of "want" seems to be peppering my shopping vocab.  So, I thought I'd turn to one of my other favorite subjects - food!  Namely, what do you feed your kids for lunch?  It seems I have this quandry everyday around 11:30...I start perusing the shelves, sigh a bit, and contemplate yet another box of Annie's Mac & Cheese.  I had grand hopes of a foodie daughter when I was pregnant and did manage to make all her baby food (thanks to my Beaba Babycook - best invention ever!) but she doesn't seem to share my love for it.  Yet, that is!  I am still adamant about her eating what we eat, and still obsessed with all things organic but my creativity in the kitchen has gone I need your ideas! I'd love to hear all your suggestions...
Here's a few of our standbys to get you started:

Every month or so, I steam & puree a bunch of greens from our CSA box and freeze them in ice cube trays...I add these to pasta, eggs, etc so I can sneak in some veggies

I'm also obsessed with M'hamsa Couscous (if you live in Mpls it's at Linden Hills Coop in bulk) - super fast - I boil water, drop in some frozen peas w/the couscous, let  it return to a boil, cover and take off flame, after 10min add in olive oil, zest and juice of one lemon, chopped fresh mint, salt and pepper - delish!

Organic Chicken sausages are our healthier alternative to hotdogs...

My favorite sandwich: Smashed Chickpea Sandwich (and favorite food blog) Smitten Kitchen


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