Thursday, September 24, 2009

fUGG be gone!

Around March 15th of every year I take off my pair of Uggs, hurl them down the basement stairs and yell "No More!!" Yes, they are comfy and warm but nothing makes me feel less cute than these frumpy boots. Combined with hat hair, itchy sweaters, and 6 months of Minnesota winter, it can make any normal girl into a grump...much less a native of sunny Austin, TX. This year, I am banning them from my closet and I urge you to do the same as I have found a perfect solution! Not only is there the classic Hunter Welly I mentioned previously but I've stumbled upon these seriously cute Clog Boots...

I vaguely remember reading about them circa 2007, but since I was in the midst of new baby madness, I filed them in my mental rolodex for another day. Fast forward a bit and I spied this cool short version on cutie pie mom Michelle Williams.

No. 6 Store - $355
**a word about the No 6 boots, I'm kind of obsessed!! They are amazing and are made to order so you can get them in any height (great for super shorties like moi!) Call 1 212 226 5759 to order - the girls at the shop are super nice and helpful! and please mention I sent you because I desperately wanted to carry them this season and they turned me down :( **

When I finally started to get proactive about my disdain for another Ugg filled winter, I put two and two together and came up with this perfect compromise from Sven. Lined with shearling for warmth, WATER proof leather (unlike that other brand that leaves me with wet feet), and a cool bendable, non skid clog sole...Sold!!

They are perfect with some thick tights and a skirt or this cool plaid cape and dark skinny jeans...sigh! I love it when comfort and practicality meet in one hip package.

Don't forget: 10% off at Pretty Mommy using code PM10 at checkout and free shipping!


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  1. sven makes the no. 6 clog boots. i have a short pair without shearling, and the box was sent from sven!


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