Thursday, April 5, 2012

a little of my lately...

Have you heard the news? Instagram is now available on Android phones too!  I know, I know, you don't need to add another social media addiction to your line-up...but where else can you see what everyone is eating, wearing, doing, planting, going, buying, playing...

and since a picture is worth a thousand words I'm going to leave it at that...
xoxo, M (aka shopprettymommy)

ps - the wren celestial dress is back in stock, more ace & jig is on the way and Matta dupattas are here in so many beautiful colors! oh, and new markdowns!


  1. have i mentioned how HAPPY i am about this??? okay, i'm off to look at all of these pics since i can now officially Like them!! :)

  2. ... is there a "like all" button??

  3. How nice to catch a glimpse of your daughters! I miss your posts about them.

  4. I love your instagram photos!!! I am so tempted to start, but I think I will be disowned by my family if I was addicted to yet another social media app! I love the matta scarf you are wearing!

  5. sharing the photos is so fun!!! love the layout..Instagram is great! Got my husband into it too!! xx

  6. I just heard this morning and it's ridiculous how happy I was! This could be trouble...

  7. as always, i adore your insta feed Michelle. i think you should bring back getting dressed ;)


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