Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apples to Apple

So we just got back from a five day stint in NYC with the girlies and are off to a goat farm tomorrow for the weekend...this caps off a month that began with a 10 yr  wedding anniversary, a 1 year birthday celebration, a cancelled London for two vacation and an impromptu big apple wonder I was having a bit of a meltdown!  I'm looking forward to a peaceful getaway and returning renewed and refreshed to an empty calendar in May!  
New York was fun but completely exhausting (as evidenced by the fact that my 4 year old took a nap which NEVER happens)...Even though I've been to New York almost a dozen times I completely underestimated the logistics of covering the city with two young kiddos...there were some good moments...walking across the Brooklyn bridge is always magic to me and was made more so by the newly restored carousel at the foot of it...
okay - off to add in all the new goodies for the shop I came home to...check in soon for Loup Charmant & Odette plus ERMIE!! (one dress is already sold out!), and the much coveted Object + Totem necklaces...
xoxo, M


  1. Wow, what a month! I find that 'holidays' with the kids leave me in need of another holiday to recover! Have fun on the sounds interesting! :-D
    ps- happy anniversary and happy birthday to baby Lou!
    pps- will you get another illustration on the top right corner? I loved it...

  2. Missed you blogging! Glad to see you're back, the trip sounded fun, but I'm sure tiring. If you aren't used to having kids in the city, it can be a huge challenge! Also - happy anniversary! And I second the illustration comment, I loved that, you need one with two girlies ;)


  3. Holy hailstorm in a hurricane girl! you have been busy! I am sorry to hear about your cancelled London plans, but the photos of NYC are lovely. (And I first saw the photo of your napping girl and felt jealous because my boy would NEVER do that until you said the same.) Hope things calm down for you on your weekend getaway.

  4. Ah, we must have just missed each other! We got back from NY last night and had an indulgent, awesome time, but dang that time change is hard on us!


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