Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30% Off Clothing Sale!

Oh are you? I'm feeling a little underwater lately...just doing a lot and none of it well!  and maybe having a bit of a mommy breakdown moment realizing that my baby will be ONE on Saturday...good but bittersweet...wishing that I had soaked in every moment a bit more & really wanting to bottle up the next year and hang tight with my I'm refocusing my attention a bit and hoping to turn the store back into a side project instead of a main course...not to worry - there will still be lots of ridiculously awesome things to tempt your wallets but I'm going to hold back on the clothing end for fall and really offer an amazing, curated selection of jewelry, handbags, and of course my favorite - scarves! So to that end I'm having a MAJOR clothing sale...30% OFF all clothing (like the crazy good Tucker tunic above) - enter "SPRINGSALE" at checkout.
Hope everyone is having a lovely April and I hope to see you back here soon in a non shopping related capacity ;)
xoxo, M


  1. I completely know what you mean about wanting to spend as much time as possible with your kids! I don't know if this is it for us, so every moment has felt somewhat bittersweet. Enjoy your sweet girl's first birthday!!

  2. Sounds like a good thing for you, Michelle. (And a sale for us? A good thing, too! :) ) Although I'm sure you are doing everything fabulously, sometimes it just feels good to step back, take a breath and focus on what is right in front of us. xoxo

  3. It seems like you have your priorities straight for sure (even if I will miss the clothes at your shop!) I hope you come back to it eventually, you really have the best style, and it's always so inspiring to see what you pick.

    And also, omg! A year! I felt like you just announced her birth! My goodness, time is flying, enjoy these early years all you can ;) Hope you continue to blog occasionally!


  4. This sale is AMAZING, Michelle. Just mentioned it on my blog too. Dang, that Shabd shift dress is out of this world gorgeous.

    I will be able to relate to you very soon I am sure. I think it's great you are taking time for yourself and family xx

  5. hey you... read this earlier in the week and wanted to come back and tell you... good for you. you know how i feel about this topic, and even without a business, i go through waves of getting way too "sucked in" and have to stop, step away, and hold tight to what matters most. this week has been a little crazy and scary (ryan's been home sick... still waiting for test results), and it- as it always does when something like this happens- has snapped everything back into perspective.

    {my little instagram check-ins have produced nice little happy moments... in the midst of craziness :)}

    on my way to check in & see the sale! ...

  6. p.s. happy birthday to your beautiful 1 yr. old!!! (can't wait to see pics of that cake!!)


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