Tuesday, August 2, 2011


a few bits of our summer so far...

Happy August friends!! I'm pretty psyched about my birthday month...good things are brewing...my mom comes this week to help with an epic garage sale (I think I might save a few cool pieces to sell online in a tag sale a la these girls - have you checked out their blogger's shop?), we have our annual week at the cabin soon...
 and I'm still floating on a little glowy cloud after all your fantastic comments on the giveaway...so without further ado the winner of the $200 gift certificate to the shop is Kelly and Kelly!!  Truly I wish I could give one to all of you but if you had your heart set on something you can use "birthday" at checkout for 25% off any orders over $150 for the rest of this week...

and the two winners of the dullDiamond giveaway are: Stephanie & Elisabeth (shoot me an email girls with your addresses please - shopprettymommy (at) hotmail (dot) com)
Be sure to check out their shop often as they are constantly whipping up new creations...did I mention their fab blog as well?
okay...my fleeting free time is about up so I'm off to (insert boring domestic chore here) before the babe awakes and the girl wonder is home from camp...
xoxo, M

ps - a couple of weeks ago I mentioned writing about Balance inspired by A Cup of Jo's series and then totally dropped the ball...Tina wrote a fantastic post about it and I would love to read more - would anyone be interested in a roving "Balance" discussion? Would love to hear from all kinds of ladies - working, stay at home, work at home - basically how do you spend your days, keep the kiddos entertained, keep your house running, your job going AND still keep your sanity?? I could set it up like the recipe exchanges in the past and we could pass the ball from one blog to another? Let me know!


  1. I'm so excited I won, wow! And yes, I think you should list some items online. Yay for moms coming too, that is so fantastic.

    balance - would love to read it but I'm afraid since I don't work I wouldn't have as much to say.

  2. Kelly - I just changed it - I would love to read more just stay at home moms too...even when I didn't really work I was so curious about how other moms organized their days so they could still get everything done and keep the kids happy?

  3. I would love a discussion on how moms balance their lives. I loved Joanna's series, but I don't work right now either and I definitely wonder how other stay-at-homers stay sane.

  4. I would love to participate in a Balance discussion! I read every one of Joanna's posts about the subject and found each one interesting it's own way. I also got alot of different ideas for how to schedule my days and things to do with the little ones. That would be fun to hear from a variety of moms with kids of different ages. I always want to know what to look forward to/dread when they get older! :)

    Please shoot me an email and let me know if I could join! I am a stay at home mom of a very active toddler boy who tries to blog and create in her spare time, in addition to renovating a house! Yes, we are crazy busy. :)


  5. Ummmm...hello precious little cupcake girls! Sheesh Michelle! You make cute babies.
    Thanks for the mention. I just loved that series and would could read/chat/discuss the topic with moms all day, whether they work outside the home or not. It's just fascinating to me.
    And, thanks for introducing me to the blog gal shop! WOW! That is an AMAZING idea!

  6. Congrats Kelly and Kelly!!! Look forward to the balance discussion. I don't have any little ones yet, but could learn a few things before they come. I just try to balance my crazy life and marriage for now.

  7. Me, Elisabeth? The link wasn't working, so I won't get my hopes up . . . but if so, yay! I never win anything and it happens to be my birth month too.

    Your summer looks like magic and I hope it continues to be.

  8. Love all the photos. Looks like a fantastic summer so far. Good luck with your yard sale and thanks for the little store shout out. So far, nothing seems to be moving. Kind of wishing I had just put it all out with my yard sale a couple weeks ago. Ah well!

    And yes, to a balance series. Such and ongoing struggle...

  9. Yes and yes to this discussion. Count me in!


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