Monday, August 8, 2011

Now Playing / Coming Attractions!

Hola! How was your weekend amigos? Aside from sweating it out at the yard sale (ugh - do they bite or what?) we had a picture perfect summer's been completely fantastic having my mom here...the laundry is done and folded, we actually managed to cook a meal from our farmer's market goodies and Chris & I snuck off to the movies after the girlies went to bed (Crazy, Stupid, Love - which was pretty great...)  Oh, the little things...If only she lived here...sigh!
On the storefront we're busting at the seams with new treats (like Ace & Jig) and restocking some sold out favorites...

a couple of new goodies from Wren are on the way...

Those amazing Lulu Frost CODE rings I was swooning over? Yep, coming to the shop...Don't they look amazing stacked?

and TEN undies - super cute, hand sewn, italian cotton that come in a chic french postal envelope...(Garance loves them - enough said)

I can't imagine a better way to spend the rest of summer than lazing about in a TWO caftan...

or walking along the beach wrapped in an Upstate shawl...
Okay - I'm off for birthday is tomorrow and I have some serious relaxing to do this week...
Mom, can you move in for the rest of August please?
xoxo, M


  1. My husband and I saw Crazy, Stupid Love on Saturday too! It was so good and had us laughing and engaged the whole time. (Did you see the big twist coming with who emma stone was? We didn't!) Well worth it, since we hadn't seen a movie together in almost two years!

    Also, loving the code rings, undies and those caftans! Swoon!


  2. ooh, so many beautiful new things coming to your shop. it just gets better and better every season! i am in total lust with those code rings. now if only i could decide which numbers i'd want.

    having mothers close by is such a dream come true (but not in the same house, please!).

  3. So glad you had a good weekend!

    Now, a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION. I'm going to cave and buy a CV foldover clutch, but I want it to go with almost everything. What color? Is the gold too harsh in person? I love Joslyn's clutch in this photo...what color is this?

    (Lots of questions for a Monday morning, I know...thank you in advance!)

  4. Everything you pick is perfect! The Ten undies sound comfy and the rings are adorable.

  5. I've been crushing on those rings! Ah! I need the 3 so badly. NEED!
    We were going to go see that movie this coming weekend. Glad it gets a thumbs up.
    And yard sales? Never again. NEVER AGAIN.
    Pile it up and call the donation truck. That's the plan!

  6. Happy Birthday!! and I can't believe you're going to be carrying those code rings, yet ANOTHER thing in your shop that I'm obsessed with. How do you read my mind all the time?

  7. love those code rings! and the caftan! and that shawl!

    happy birthday! mine's on the 14th. gotta love a leo. xo

  8. oooooh I really want to buy one of those rings... But which number to choose?

  9. Love those moments where we get to sneak away.

    I want to see that movie! My SIL said that we (Ryan and I) remind her of the couple in it- in a good way... Is this a compliment?? :)


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