Monday, August 29, 2011

Daily Duo #3

Okay...I know, vacation is over but I need one more day to here's a final duo...congrats to these lovely ladies!! My all time girl crush Sofia got married, gorgeous in Alaïa and Bey announced she was pregnant (did you see how cute Jay-Z looked when she rubbed her belly?)  
Don't ask how I got sucked into watching all the VMA's last, I'm old...all I could think the whole show was either "Who are these people?" or "Boy, does that person look like a douchebag or what?"
(with a few exceptions of course...isn't Adele just heaven?)
okay, Monday is calling...and I promise to get back into the swing of things asap...
xoxo, M


  1. That photo of Sofia and Thomas is perfect. And only she could wear such a pretty, simple dress like that with simple shoulder length hair.

  2. Ha ha... so funny. That's what I always think when I watch these things now too... who the hell are these people? And why do they look like that? I didn't watch last night but I doubt I really missed much, right?

  3. I would be ashamed of myself if I dared to watch... having no clue who anyone is either!
    ...stunning couple. (& welcome back!!)

  4. Um, I pretty much died when Beyoncé rubbed her belly and J smiled from ear to ear. Sweetest moment in a long time. I watched, too and was thinking all of the same things... These nobodies look stupid.

  5. dude. i was feeling so old and out of it last night, cringing as i compulsively watched (almost) the entire show.
    the beyonce moment was adorable, though.
    most everything else (adele aside, obvs) was almost too embarrassing - and confusing - to watch!!

    ps: hi and i love your blog!

  6. I love your take on the VMAs! I'm finding myself thinking the same thing about pop culture stuff more and more. Either I'm totally out of the loop or most of the young hipster crowd is made up of mostly douchbags. Perfectly said, my friend.

    And Sofia's wedding gown is a dream.


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