Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to you!!

My little Lila turns 2 on Sunday and I've been a whirlwind of party planning activities (hence the absence of blog posts lately). I've indulged my inner Martha making paper flowers, passed off baking responsibilities to Franklin Street, pulled off one playdate party with 14 small children, and have one small family party to go...whew!

The flowers are a fun way to do decorations and easily done at night in front of the Tivo (i've been catching up with Mad Man - season 2 WOW!)...Franklin Street Bakery (in Mpls) does amazing cupcakes with the perfect amount of frosting .

Of course, having a party is a perfect excuse for a couple of new outfits. However I really hate the idea of special occasion items...if I buy something I love I want to wear it all the time! This fits the bill perfectly:
Gathered Alyssum Dress - $138 - at Anthropologie. It's cotton, washable, the bubble gives it a bit of an edge and you can throw leggings and a cardigan with it as soon as the weather turns cool.

I'd throw this cute pink belt on from Etsy - $7.50
for some fun color.

and toss this Silence & Noise Moto Jacket - $128 - over it for a night out. Tough and pretty at the same time.

I adore J Crew's crewcuts collection for kids but usually refrain from indulging until it's on mega sale...however, I had to splurge on this for the birthday girl and she looked too darn cute!

Girl's Silk Bubble Skirt - $29.50

I tried to get her to accessorize but, like clips, headbands, and ponytails, this necklace was a no go...oh well! there's always next year!

I have lots of posts in my brain so after the party weekend is over I'll be back...xoxo

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  1. She did look totally adorable in it - I saw the pictures your mom had last week. So that makes it worth it!



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