Monday, April 8, 2013

Mini Monday

Four things I'm loving for my girls lately...
1. This tee from J Crew...normally I have a huge aversion to clothing with words but the neon stripes and attitude make me laugh every time Louisa wears it...(and ps - it's 25% off this week)
2.  Faber Castell beeswax girls art medium of choice is usually markers...but as every parent knows, most of them end up with no cap & dried out within a matter of weeks...however these crayons give you the bright, bold saturation that kids love, smell super yummy and last forever
3. Speaking of art projects...Kiwi Crate is all kinds of awesome...once a month a box of supplies and ideas arrives at your doorstep...great for sparking your kids imagination (Lila played with last month's spy kit forEVER)
4. and for sure the cutest girls leggings ever in existence...L & L have them in gold and pink...cause really every girl should have a little lame in her life, no?

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