Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Monday and I'm a Mess!

Are you messy or a neat freak? I'm most definitely the former and was probably grounded more than any other kid EVER thanks to my refusal to clean up my room...I used to yell at my parents "Gimme a break! Messiness equals creativity!" (nice faux artistic temperament, eh?) stomp away, shove everything humanly possible under the bed and in the closet and then call it a day...
I like to think that I've matured beyond those years but the mess is still a daily struggle...
It's not pretty friends...but the lovely Trina has a fantastic series on her blog - Monday Mess - about finding the beauty in your clutter and asked me to join in today...(aren't you just crazy about Trina? Totally my kind of gal, and someone who maintains her sense of humor and cool with 4 lala's underfoot is my personal hero) go check out my Monday Mess...
xoxo, M
ps - there is so much NEW goodness in the shop that I am bursting to tell you about but I'll keep it low key for now...Kinfolk, Baskets, Ilana's all happening!


  1. Michelle - I read your mess post and that is a GREAT picture of you!!! Is it a new pic? Well it is fantastic. Congrats on it all :) and on keeping going with this and everything else. I still enjoy keeping up with you this way!! :)

  2. totally agree... such a cute pic michelle!!! my box just arrived btw... about to open now :).

  3. Such a great photo of you! Loved all of the photos, actually. :) And I enjoyed reading about your messes! The kids get out of school in a few days and I'm anticipated a lot more messes around here...

  4. You are so sweet...thank you for your kind words and for jointing in the series! You are top on my list for inspiration, lady!
    xo . t


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