Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Buy...

I'm going to try and get back to blogging about some useful things like buying leopard pants (hahaha!)...no seriously, I just got these on super sale at J Crew (yep, basically my entire wardrobe is stuff from my shop + J Crew...sad but true)...they are listed at $79 online but in the store $45 plus an extra 30% off...and they are kind of the perfect pant...a little roomy so I rolled up the hem for a slouchy look and paired it with an oversize silk top and flat sandals...Emily pointed out how cute they would be with a stripe tee too...plus you could throw on heels for date night or a slouchy sweater when it gets cold...
I might suggest buying them a bit loose as I think the beauty lies in being able to throw them on with converse & a gray tee and run to the playground...
Okay, hope you enjoyed this initial installment of Good Buy...Happy Shopping!
xoxo, M


  1. Michelle, those pants are fab! Glad to see you blogging again ;) Ok, weird question, but how you manage to wear pretty things that are Dry Clean only with little ones? I've been eyeing the Tucker Dresses, but I'm concerned my 2 year old would just trash them :( Any tips for caring for them? Lots of trips to the dry cleaners? Do tell!


    1. @shannon - honestly I wash everything - even silk...I'm pretty hard on my clothes and too lazy to go to the dry cleaners...but I don't mind the look of washed silk and just hang them to dry...and I don't normally wear my Tucker dresses on a daily basis ;) Just on the days where I want to feel pretty and there aren't any playground trips...

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  3. i'm not a huge jcrew fan (quality and fit issues), but when you get stuff on sale, it really is the best for playground wear. i think the pants look great on you!

  4. Super cute pants! Love how you paired with a red blouse.

  5. Love these outfit ideas/pics! Keep 'em coming!!

  6. Yes! Love this whole outfit and I feel much better about washing my silk now too ;)
    Who makes the red top if you don't mind me asking? It's perfect for the summer!


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