Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Girl Crush...

into the gloss
the glow
the selby
Okay, I realize that having a girl crush on stylist Kate Young isn't exactly earth shattering...I've been a fan since the Selby featured her family and cool but absolute real NY apartment...most of the fashion world can feel so phony and it was super refreshing to see a girl at the top of the game without uber styled "perfect" digs...I fell a little harder after this interview on Into The Gloss where she divulged her beauty secrets and goofed on the fact that she loves organic products yet bleaches her hair ;) and swooned over her and her sweet sons on The Glow this spring...then this morning I happened to catch her on the Today show (randomly since I never have the TV on during the day but Lou keeps wanting to indulge in these epic morning nursing sessions and the only thing in my tivo queue was Girls which seems wildly inappropriate for baby even if she isn't watching) and was struck by how absolutely sweet & genuine she seems...oh Kate! you're tops cause in my book nice girls always finish first!
xoxo, M

PS - oh! now in the shop and also crush worthy these ridiculously gorgeous clutches by Morgan Parish
PPS - Speaking of Girls, do you like it? I was pretty skeeved out/repulsed/annoyed by the first episode but the critics seem to love it...maybe I'll give it another shot? 


  1. I love that she bleaches her hair but uses organic products. I am such a hypocrite when it comes to that stuff. I actually loved the first episode of Girls. It was so strange and awkward...

  2. I'm a big fan of Kate Young's as well, so cool and stylish. And I loved the first episode of Girls (the only one I have watched since we don't have HBO) it reminds me of my life before marriage and kids. I can relate to pretty much everything in the show and I love the offbeat dark humor, I thought it was hilarious! I actually liked Tiny Furniture even better, less mainstream, but then I'm really into dysfunctional family movies, and that fits the bill perfectly. :)


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