Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the fabric of our lives....

Howdy friends! We're headed back from a long jaunt down to my home state and I'm super thrilled that I won't have to ditch my sandals for snowboots when we touch down in Minnesota...it seems that spring fever has even come to the frozen north as temps in Minneapolis matched my beloved Austin all week...and lucky for me I have new boxes of warm weather goods to tear into upon my return!
Not to play favorites but if i had my druthers everything would be made out of Ace & Jig's super soft and totally wearable cotton-linen fabric and don't even get me started on their easy, breezy shapes...really my ideal everyday wardrobe...

equally chic & easy are Wren's new dresses & skirts...throw on, layer up, perfect with some espadrilles or converse...no fuss...and COTTON! ( do you hear me designers? We all want more cotton...right, girls?)
Okay, gotta catch that plane! Xoxo, M


  1. loving the new ace & jig pieces, especially that striped dress!

    more cotton, more linen, definitely!

  2. Love those Ace & Jig pieces! I would wear that dress every day. Have fun in Austin!

  3. As usual, you have a wonderful eye, lady! xo-k

  4. I am so with you about cotton! Love Ace & Jig!


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