Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Doing Fine Watching Shadows on the Wall...

Quick, name one rock'n'roll song or album that's about being a stay at home parent...stumped you huh? Yeah, somehow changing diapers, making lunches, and playing legos has never really inspired great music...or so I thought, until yesterday, when I was trying to listen to Double Fantasy instead of the incessant whining that seems to happen around here from about 5-7 and it hit me that a lot of John Lennon's later songs were about family life...I mean, duh, I've heard "Watching the Wheels" a million times, but last night, it struck me that he was totally talking about dropping out, hanging with his kid and not really giving an eff about playing the cool game anymore...obviously "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" is about his son Sean and is there a more poignant lullaby?...and "(just like) Starting Over"...who hasn't wanted to sing those lyrics to their other half after a few years into the parenting game...pretty rad, huh? you probably had that figured out already though...
Okay off to enjoy some 55 degree weather! SPRING!
xoxo, M
PS - Lots of new markdowns in the shop - including jewelry....
and so much goodness on the way...if you follow me on twitter and instagram (shopprettymommy) you know i was freaking out over the Lizzie Fortunato that just landed...watch for it!


  1. your post is making me smile after two days of taking care of my little one home from school with the coughs and up late worried it will last all week.....thanks!

  2. Yes! Watching the wheels always makes me teary. The acoustic version is especially great.

  3. no, i did not have that figured out already. that's what i count on you for... a little "pop culture" knowledge here & there. i am that girl who knows the tune of songs she likes... but the *knowledge stops there :).

    but, thankfully- i was exposed to quite a bit of tunes as a child- via my hippie mom & punk-rocker brother!

  4. I need to listen to this...should i admit that i never have? Oh, It's 4-7:30 for me. Hardest part of the day. Everytime 8pm comes in all 4 are in bed I feel like I've climbed a mountain. Ha.
    xo . trina


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