Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's In My Bag

My hubby and I are leaving for a quick trip tomorrow, sans baby, for someplace tropical and I thought I'd share a few of my travel essentials.

The bag: something roomy enough for a few choice reading materials and beach supplies but kicky enough to pair with a sundress for dinner.
I love this one from Anthropologie
Knickknacks-and-Notions Tote - $78 and it functions a great diaper bag!

Everyone needs a pair of giant sunglasses to hide behind...these are great first thing in the morning to hide dark circles (and what mommy doesn't have tired eyes and no time for makeup). They lend a slight air of mystery and I like that they look a little 70's tacky - sort of a Golden Girls feel...

The most important thing in my travel bag, winter, spring, summer or fall is a great scarf. It 's a shawl, sarong, blanket, nursing coverup, baby name it, I've used my scarf for it.
This is the one that all the celebs have been loving - Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Bilson, Julianne Moore, etc...and I have to say it is lovely - cotton and silk so lightweight enough for summer.

A great chunky necklace can turn a plain tee shirt from basic tourist into eccentric artist's muse. I love em big, colorful, and bold.
This is a good pick from Anthropologie -
but you could always raid your Aunt Maude's jewelry box as well!

Finally, my must have beauty product -
This is a gorgeous cream blush in the perfect shade of sunkissed peach. Use all year to fake a heathly glow - especially when baby is up all night!

Bon Voyage!

I'll be using my precious reading time to research some great Fall picks...til next week xoxo

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