Monday, November 14, 2011

I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends...

Whew!! How are you girlies? I feel like I completed a whirlwind Project Runway challenge this weekend... "you have $200 & 4 hours to put an entire shop together...Make it work!"...luckily I had many wonderful friends & an excellent husband to help me pack up, put up, sell, sell, sell, break down, and put in order again...( as befits a PR challenge I was still tagging items as the party started)  The pop-up shop was a blast - thank you to everyone who stopped in to check it out!  The best part was getting to hang out with my favorite gals in the city (and I apologize if your pocketbooks feel a little lighter friends!)...I truly appreciate your support!

So here is a little shout out to all the awesome people who made it happen...(seriously, does everything in my life takes a village?)
To Amy - who's flower shop Spruce is one of the most gorgeous, warm spaces in the city - completely reflective of her personality
To Mandee, my lovely assistant who always takes care of the nuts & bolts and keeps the show going
To Emily F, my retail partner in crime, who lent her excellent vintage curating skills to the mix, helped from start to finish, and has the amazing shop Collect
To Nadia, aka Revelry Studio, who not only lent her super awesome styling talents to the whole shebang but also rounded up all her fantastic friends AND trekked back to help pack it up...
To Emily S, who took time out from her two boys to help set up and take pictures, and might secretly be my Pretty Mommy shop muse...(did I mention how much I love those dull Diamond girls? Her and Jen are the bees knees - for real)
To Wendy, who picked up cupcakes last minute, always inspires me to want to be more thoughtful, and has a fantastic new blog, Brown Ink, about the lost art of the handwritten word...(or at least it's a lost art to me)
To Joslyn & Christine, who were there spirit - Joslyn's Pace necklaces literally flew out of the door and every little girl who walked into Spruce couldn't help but swoon over the Little Bean dresses
and To Sally who is always whipping up adverts for me at a moments notice, to Carina who gave me the one thing I wanted for the weekend - good hair, and To Vasilia who is forever getting me organized...
you ladies are all rock stars...
AND...big ups to my husband who kept the two littles happy, fed, and entertained...xoxoxoxo, M

ps - if you are so can check out more pics on the PM facebook page...


  1. Michelle- everything looks so super lovely! Any chance you'll have another pop up around Christmas time?? I'll be up in Minneapolis for the holidays this year :)

  2. Congratulations Michelle. It looks amazing. So glad to be a part of your village, even with an ocean between us xx Sally

  3. Congrats Michelle...So excited for you. Wish I could have popped in.

  4. looks lovely-i especially love all those succulents! where can i find more of PACE necklaces?

  5. I cannot get enough of these photos from the pop up shop. So beautiful. Each one and I love your wavy hair. Wish I could have been there taking in all the goodies. Congratulations on a fabulous event!

  6. It looks absolutely GORGEOUS hun! i so wish I could have come & having just put on a pop up shop myself last weekend, I totally relate to how much work was involved and what an amazing job you did! Sigh...I would have left with a MUCH lighter wallet for sure! I love the beautiful shot of you and your little ones as well!

  7. Congratulations to you. I love those necklace, so beautiful.

  8. I'll support you all the way, all items were so beautiful. Congrats!


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