Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Must List - Alexis, Fern & Feather

This fall there are two things on my mind... being cozy & stew. I feel like every home {or Art Barn} needs a Hudson Bay Blanket. And stew... sigh. I love stew and my drug store crock pot from college {yes I was the only person in college that actually put my roast in the pot before class} might not make it another 'stew season.' I want this spectacular crock pot that you can put on the stove top and then into the pot to cook. It is perfection.

Thanks for having me Michelle... hope you had a wonderful little break. ox, Alexis

Alexis Garrett - Fern & Feather


  1. love alexis' list! that blanket is my fave.

  2. That blanket will haunt me until I find another. If yours goes missing from the art barn...

  3. Picked up my own Hudson Bay a few months ago at an antique shop and it's my favorite. Love it so much.

  4. I seriously love slow cookers. I do feel a little 1970-ish (is that when they were *big??), but not so much anymore, because we got a new stainless steel one that looks similar to this and transports (latches) really well! We've used it to bring a nice dinner of red beans & rice (and of course a baguette & toppings:) to a friends house for dinner... kept it nice and warm.

    Last week, was a crazy week, so I got on a total slow cooker kick (hadn't used it for a while), and it was so nice to cook/prepare when I had time... and have great meals that we otherwise wouldn't have had!

    Michelle- Love your blog; seen you @ Jora's before, and thought I'd come see for myself:).

  5. I love slow cookers and dutch ovens. It's one of my favorite parts of Fall too. Alexis, that's hilarious and sweet that you put the stew on before classes.

    Michelle - I think your blog is great and I'm your newest follower!
    Thanks ladies!

  6. lex, your college stew was the best! and your sewing machine parked right next to our house keg. xo ash


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