Monday, July 12, 2010

Bosquez & Beatrice

Marisa and I worked together many moons ago at By George in was one of those places that attracted (and still does) creative girls with amazing style who love pretty things (and therefore need a discount to indulge)...Marisa flew the coop to move to NYC and attend FIT and after we lost touch I wondered where she had landed in the fashion industry...she always such a great eye and sense of style so I was excited to reconnect and fell totally in love with her two jewelry lines...
Bosquez is a showpiece for her "love of science and the myth behind stones. She is inspired by the mysteries of the Cosmos and the loveliness of Earth.  Bosquez Jewelry seeks to create effortless, thoughtful and sensual jewelry"
and Beatrice "sprung from her desire to create easy and  affordable jewelry inspired by her life so far- memories, people, places and the everyday. "

Bosquez & Beatrice are both available now at The Shop...
I've been wearing this necklace nonstop...super sexy and simple - LOVE!
xoxo, M

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  1. i love the arrow necklace. i can definitely see my self wearing it like now!


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