Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Mom - F minus...

My Monday was so bad that I'm just going to post this picture from Jak & Jil and pretend our day went this well...sigh...Are your children especially naughty on Mondays?  We had a no nap day...which turns me into Mean really can't force a 2.5 yr old to nap, can you?

ps - I'm never really mean per se but I did actually yell "LILA, GO TO SLEEP!" (a few times) which, had the exact opposite effect and then I felt like %$@...


  1. Hunh, never thought about it...but Q (also 2.5) only took an hour nap today (normally 2.5 to 3 hours) and crashed hard around 8:30 as a result. Interesting. I'll have to watch closely on subsequent Mondays.

  2. Hi! I really like your blog since I make clothes for toddlers and love fashion! Thanks :)
    My daughter started trying to give up her naps around that age as well, but I was definitely not interested in giving up MY daily down time :) I think it makes you a better mom to have a break everyday.
    There is no miracle solution that I know of, but for my part I stood firm when she first started to 'rebel", just repeatedly and clearly explaining to her that it was nap time. If you stand firm and make it a serious thing they start to understand that it's not an option not to nap (or have quiet time). It's just part of the day. Of course it helps to always have the nap around the same time, everyday, same conditions, no sweets, juice before... I think it's hard to maintain naps if it's not an everyday ritual.
    But even with perseverance my daughter who is now 3 has definitely skipped naps from time to time, esp. in the beginning (at 2 1/2) when she was first testing the waters of not napping, but those times turned into quiet time alone in her room, which she embraced since she felt like that she was getting out of napping.
    I don't want to jinks it, but perseverance seems to have paid off and she seems to understand that naps are part of her day and more often than not is willing to settle down and close her eyes. I think kids this age really benefit from a nap, so I don't feel bad being firm about it. Your daughter has to feel like your not willing to give in (which is hard sometimes as a mom).
    Other than that, it has also helped to tell her that her friends are also napping at their homes and that it is mommy's "nap time" too. And I have to admit that a I have resorted to bribery once and awhile, telling her that she would get a surprise when she wakes up if she takes her nap (a little surprise goes a long way). I have used the promise of ice cream... So i've tried pretty much everything and she seems to have gotten the message :) Good luck!
    By the way my shop is if you want to check it out :)

  3. Annnnnnd this is why I have my child imprisoned in a crib tent. Go ahead, judge me. But he just turned 3 and he naps almost every day like a dream. I know what you mean though. I have done the "go to sleep" yell several times. It feel pretty ridiculous. I'm a bit of a control freak and becoming a parent has forced me to give some of it up. It's still hard for me some days though. Tomorrow will be better friend!

  4. My monday was equally as frustrating! Teething may just be the thing that breaks me lol.

  5. both my girls dropped there naps around 2.5...ugg

    yep, mondays stink. fo sho!

  6. oh boy, we are struggling with the same thing. glad to know i'm not the only one who gets a little crazy when there's nap rebellion. i've been sticking with the "quiet time" and limited his room to just books, no toys. and if i'm super positive about what a great napper he is i get better results than when i try to pin him down 'til he falls asleep. ;)
    ps: new to your blog, but now i'm a regular reader. love it! :)

  7. LOVE that photo. (Why doesn't my life look like that?)

    Don't give up on napping! My oldest is 5 and she still naps.

    New to your blog and love it.

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!! I always appreciate hearing from you...

    Wanderer's Daughter - Q normally sleeps 2-3hrs?? Lucky You!
    Cara - Thanks for your words of wisdom...I'm powering through...not giving up on the naps yet! Loooove your clothes!!
    SmartBear - I wish my daughter had ever slept in a're a smart lady ;)
    Juste Venteaux - teething is the worst!!
    Joslyn - say it ain't so :( the day we drop naps is the day we sign up for preschool!
    Asher - I like the idea of quiet do you confine to books though...did you sit in his room for a bit?
    Just Me - Thanks!!there's hope for me yet!! Yeah for 5 yr olds who nap!!

  9. I want those mommy shoes!

    I think all mine started dropping naps around that time. Unfortunately, my almost 4 yr old still takes a nap at her babysitter's house, which results in a child that does. not. want. to go to bed at night *grrr*.


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