Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Women We Love: Heather Taylor of Heather Taylor Home

photo: Jeana Sohn

In a perfect world, all of our dinner parties would be like Heather Taylor’s textiles: gorgeous, simple, eclectic, fuss-free. From undyed linens with colorful embroideries to handwoven pillows and graceful wall hangings, each one of Heather’s pieces exudes her signature blend of relaxed elegance and artisanal beauty. It’s no wonder she’s a renowned tastemaker -- she started her career in the art world, interning in New York before opening her own contemporary gallery, Taylor de Cordoba, in Los Angeles. As founder of the beloved lifestyle blog L.A. in Bloom, she continued to hone her eye for finding beauty in the unexpected -- and with the launch of Heather Taylor Home in 2013, she shares her vibrant vision with us, right in our own homes.

How did you discover your passion for textiles, and how did Heather Taylor Home get started?
I've been knitting and weaving for years and have long appreciated handmade textiles. I also love entertaining and setting a beautiful table, but I couldn't find linens I loved without traveling to some far-flung locale. This was my original motivation for launching HTH. The first inkling of inspiration for the line came while eating breakfast in Greece in 2006. The table was covered in a white crocheted lace tablecloth, which felt like the perfect mix of elegance and ease.
What are your inspirations lately?
I’m very inspired by T magazine -- every time they publish an interiors story I find myself ripping it out and putting it up in my office. I’m always inspired by Corner Office, a weekly feature in the Sunday New York Times, where Adam Bryant interviews different CEOs; I usually walk away with at least one little gem that I try to apply to my business practice. I’m inspired by my baby daughter -- having a child pushes me to do better and set a good example for her. And I’m inspired by the hardworking, creative ladies here in LA.

Do you have a favorite piece from the current collection?
I’ve been using our Cassis napkins nonstop lately. It’s a really crisp, pretty look, especially paired with white plates. I also can’t get enough of our tea towels -- they’re the quickest way to freshen up the kitchen! 

Do you have a daily uniform? How do you dress it up for going out?
My daily uniform is usually white jeans, a light blue oxford, an HTH cobalt dot scarf and Birks. For going out I try to crank up the drama with a statement coat, a red lip and some interesting piece of jewelry. Oh, and I trade the Birks for something a tad chicer. 
Has your style changed since becoming a mom?
Just the fact that I have a uniform is a big change! I used to love getting dressed and putting together fun, cool outfits each morning. With a baby it’s just not possible. I reach for the same things every day. Ease is everything. 

What are your top three beauty essentials?
Nars Lipstick in Geraldine is the perfect orangey/red. African Botanics Marula Oil has the best scent and is deeply nourishing. And Earth Tu Face’s face wash has been a total game-changer for my skin! 
What’s your aesthetic like for your home? 
I think the overall mood is warm, cozy and comfortable. Parts of it have the feeling of being someplace else, maybe Mexico or Greece. I want it to feel like a vacation. 
Name a favorite recent discovery.
I’m can’t get enough of “Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee.” I’m a big Seinfeld/Larry David fan so this show is perfectly in my zone.

Any favorite Instagram accounts?
I love @hamishbowles for the flowers, @lesliewilliamson for the interiors, @jleighwms for the inspiration and @lenadunhum for the laughs.   
For our next LA trip, give us your top 3 must-dos in the city.
1. Hike Paseo Miramar and enjoy magnificent ocean views. 
2. Splurge on French fries and cocktails at Petit Trois. You’ve earned it -- you just went on a giant hike!
3. Go get yourself a bagel sandwich at Gjusta! And pick up some of their perfect pantry items as a souvenir. 
What’s next for Heather Taylor Home? Any exciting upcoming projects you can share?
We are very excited to launch our collaboration with Nico Nico! We designed five gorgeous blankets that are perfectly suited for your bed or for a picnic at the beach. 
interview: Kat Johnson
Thank you so much Heather & Kat for taking time out of your busy schedules!


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