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Women We Love: Claudia Dey & Heidi Sopinka of Horses Atelier + New Arrivals

Women We Love: Claudia Dey and Heidi Sopinka of Horses Atelier

It’s hard to believe Toronto-based Horses Atelier has only been around for three years, when their impeccable pieces -- elegantly easy dresses, just-so peasant blouses, wear-to-death jumpsuits -- felt so instantly indispensable, right off the bat. Founders Claudia and Heidi are best friends, so it’s no wonder that their shared style language has translated into an aesthetic that sparks a kinship with women around the world. Here, we asked them for the secret sauce behind Horses’ unstudied glamour -- so we can maybe achieve it ourselves.

Talk Horses Atelier to us. How did it get started and how did you come up with the name?
We founded Horses in the spring of 2012, while pushing our new babes in their strollers under a filthy bridge in a dilapidated part of our city, discussing our love of design while Venus was transiting the sun. The name came to us immediately; we loved every association: Patti Smith, beauty, utility, velocity, wildness.

In general, who is the Horses woman?
She has a boundless sense of personal freedom, and curates her world singularly. We believe the woman who knows how to dress herself knows herself.

Can you say a little about your design and production process?
We work in a cave with a kind of shorthand cultivated over twenty years of friendship. Everything we make comes from a personal place -- Horses’ spare and storied aesthetic is an accumulation of all we have seen, lived and traveled. All of our pieces are hand-sewn five miles from our studio in downtown Toronto.

What were your inspirations for the fall collection?  
Thatching, sail cloth, rope and Japanese Classicism.

Do you have a daily uniform? How do you dress it up for going out?
Our combinaisons with high tops. We will wear heels after dark.

You’re both moms. Do you have any secrets for finding a work/life balance, or just maintaining your sanity?
Sleep, red wine, a calendar you can write on, fascinating husbands and secret projects.

Credit: Norman Wong/Jules Schill

Name a favorite recent discovery.
Snowblink’s new album, “Chasing Hunting Cursing Killing.”

Describe the aesthetic of your home.
A love-in run by children.

Any favorite Instagram accounts?

What are your top three beauty essentials?
Earth to Body Shargan butter, apple cider vinegar, yoga.

Favorite era of fashion and/or style icon?
1890s bohemia, and Nedra from James Salter’s novel, “Light Years.”

For our next Toronto trip, give us your top three must-dos in the city.
Coffee at The Common
Music at The Dakota

Thank you so much to Claudia & Heidi! Interview by Kat Johnson


Studio Hours:
Mon - Wed 11-3
Thurs 11-5
Fri closed
Sat 12-4


316 W 48th St 
Minneapolis, MN 55419

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